The average industrial and residential property is filled with electrical boxes and these are most noticeable in large buildings. There are designated rooms where these boxes are mounted to each and every wall outlet, lighting fixture and light switch throughout the entire building. A cable termination box, also known as electrical box, finds appliance everywhere where electrical wiring is attached to a device. These come in various sizes and are made from different materials, the most common ones being metal, plastic and other synthetic materials.

Because of their wide range of applications and sizes, it’s quite important to have the right knowledge about the most commonly used ones in order to see which one fits best your project. Choosing the right cable termination box is of utmost importance when it comes to installing it in your home. Besides having knowledge about the boxes – knowing which ones to use and what to do with them, you need to know how to safely work with them, regardless whether you are a handyman or a professional electrician.

There are a few types of cable termination boxes and all of them are designed for different purposes. Using the wrong one might be hazardous and may cause the building to fail fire inspections. Becoming familiar with all the types, however, will ensure a positive outcome.


Handy Boxes

These are designed to hold a single electric outlet or light switch. This type is usually mounted flat face of the wall in a utility room or under the basement steps where in-wall installation is not an option. There are several holes through which conduit can be attached to. Handy boxes are usually rectangular in shape and are made of iron or steel plus a protective layer of zinc.

Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are pretty much intersections where electric wiring branches off to different directions. Conduit is attached to junction boxes, and the wires that come out from the building’s main power source are attached inside it to wires in order to power light switches and outlets. These boxes come with a cover that is closed by screws and cannot hold any type of switch or receptacle.

Square Boxes

Square boxes are made of galvanized material (iron or steel, plus zinc as a protective layer) and are specially designed for installation during the construction phase. As their name implies, they are square shaped boxes and accept two devices, light switches and power outlets, or a combination of both. This type of boxes can be mounted to studs before the drywall is hung, or can be mounted like a handy box. In addition, just like the handy boxes, there are multiple holes for conduit and easy wiring access.