There are some home makeovers that are essential, then on the other hand there are those that we simply must do because they are stylish, and creating your home bar is the mix of both, so we might say it’s the best of both worlds. A bar has always been one of the necessities to making a home homely; even if you don’t drink, it doesn’t mean you won’t get to surprise your guests with some mixology skills and savoury cocktails you can come up with.

You may feel immediately inclined to start off practising your skills, equipping yourself with cool bar accessories, like a jigger, paring knife, and a hawthorne strainer, to help you master all the mixing easily, but if you want your home bar to seem like one, what you need is to find the perfect spot for it, buy bar stools, wet bar (bar with a sink), bottles of drinks, fruits, and you’re good to start.

The different types of bar stools you’d come across would leave you in awe, wanting to quickly be over with this makeover, and start spending time in this new favourite spot of your home. From a variety of models, colours, shapes, and sizes, the choices are endless. There are even those vintage models, like the provincial crossback or the Toledo industrial stool, that would make your bar seem like one of the bars in the time when the Green Fairy was popular with greats like Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde.

Make sure when you buy bar stools that they are suitable for the height of the bar, with enough space around. When it comes to properly organising your bar, remember lots of shelves are going to be the ace up your sleeve when you want to keep all the necessary bottles, glassware, and accessories within reach. Now then, for the accessories, of course you’re going to want to stack up on as many as you can – that’s what all rookies do.

However, steer away from that urge by learning something about mixology first, and then stack up on essentials. When it comes to learning, it’s needless to say you’d want to be inspired in every possible way as that’s how you best enhance your skills; whether it’s piling up on essential books, watching video tutorials on the internet, or letting the moment take you to experiments with various ingredients, you’d be surprised at how easy you’d be able to advance in this, so much so it could turn into a hobby of yours.