Regardless of how much we love our homes, we’re creatures who are connected with nature. In the very beginnings of humankind, the great ancestors had only nature to rely on to sustain their lives so we might as well say this kind of connection is sort of innate. Nowadays though, being part of the technological environment, most of the lifestyles of modern individuals are based on being in the company of electronics, confined to an enclosed space either at work or at home, which is being proved time and time again as a threat for the overall health. Instead of choosing to binge-watch TV, we should all turn to our roots and spend more time in the company of nature and what better way to do so than by starting from our very homes, that is, our outdoor areas.

A yard or patio won’t serve much if they aren’t stylish or the least bit comfortable. No matter the kind of your outdoor area, you should have both style and comfort, not one compromising the other because an outdoor space is still part of your home, so the exterior should be a continuation of the interior. Whichever the size of your outdoor home, there should always be room enough for a lounge chair or a similar piece of furniture, along with the adequate table set perfect for meals in fresh air. Once you have this base, focus on the variety of outdoor accessories you can add to complement the atmosphere.

There’s nothing like the good old BBQ, after all the world knows us Aussies for our outdoor fun with some “shrimp on the barbie” so having a party every now and then with a mouthwatering meal is more than welcome (to keep up with our reputation for being great with outdoor parties). Your choice of outdoor accessories can be just about anything. If you want to also have the chance to enjoy the company of birds and their lovely songs, you can add a bird feeder and be surprised of how ornamental it can be as well. Designs and colours of cushions and lanterns for the right amount of light are other decorating means to have in mind for more vibrant surroundings. Of course, nothing without the beauty of plants, so planters join in on the game.

Make sure you choose weatherproof furniture if you want to make the most of it in the long run and provide enough shady spots to turn your space into an oasis, because even when working on your tan, you could use some break from the sun to have a refreshing juice. Following these decorating steps you’ll get your lovely outdoor area just a step away from your interior.