Wall art is a popular decorating tool. It can involve anything from canvases to framed wall prints, paintings and other creative artistic embellishments that hang on a wall. Your choice of wall art can enhance the appearance of your home or office and add aesthetics to it. Art is a great way to spark some dialogue among the people in the space which can further make them more comfortable to share their impressions, thoughts and ideas.

Observing art can give people a break from everyday stress and worries. If your space lacks character, carefully chosen wall art can instantly brighten it up. One of the most affordable ways to bring some personality to your space is to adorn your walls with the help of wall prints. Canvas wall prints resemble an original painting very well because of the natural canvas texture that adds colour depth.

Canvas prints are available in many different sizes and colours. Based on your style and preferences, you can choose from a variety of themes and colour schemes that suit your home or office. One of the trendiest options, that can fit both traditional and modern interiors, is to select animal wall prints. Whether you have a favourite animal or not, animal artwork will add interest to the walls of your space and make it look more natural at the same time.


Enliven Your Walls with the Power of Animal Artwork

Beautiful animal wall prints

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Choosing animal wall art is the easiest way to transform any room. There are many ways that you can incorporate animal themes in your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom and beyond. The natural beauty of the animal world never ceases to inspire and amaze us. You can get creative and add animal motifs for your living space. Redesigning your home with beautiful animal wall prints is a great way to show your love and admiration for nature’s most awe-inspiring creatures.

From the majesty and power of the king, the lion, to the freedom of the birds and the beauty of the horses, you can always find something to encourage you and uplift your spirit. The animal world is a subject that’s most suitable for the canvas print medium. The exquisite quality of a canvas print can bring a feeling of excitement and freedom of the world’s wildest areas to your domestic or work environment, refresh your senses and make you think of the world differently.

Animal wall art in your space makes you feel closer to the natural world. You can forget the strains and stresses of your everyday life and share in the eternal beauty of the animal world. A stylised zebra or a gentle giraffe can bring contrast to any room, but inspiration can be found as well in birds or fish and other sea world creatures. Some portraits represent horses, the majestic human companions, while others focus on the power of lions and other predators.

You can find animal images that bring out the elegant forms and subtle camouflage of the wild world, however, most of them speak for themselves and give a new perspective of the world. The rich diversity of animal life on our planet is a never-ending inspiration that we gain when we appreciate their beauty and power.

How to Decorate with Animal Wall Print

Animal artwork with warm colours

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Don’t Overuse It

You can use animal prints in a room with any kind of colour scheme, but to get the best out of animal art prints, you need to use them with caution. They can be very bold and add colour and excitement to the room, so for smaller spaces, it may be a good idea to use only one kind of animal artwork and restrict it to just one wall. The other plain coloured walls will help the animal printed wall stand out, which can put a touch of class and glamour and make the room feel comfortable at the same time.

Choose Colours Carefully

Before selecting, decide if you want your space to have a casual or formal vibe. For a casual feel, you can go with light and bright colours on unframed canvas. But if you want to create a more formal tone, then it’s best to choose framed artwork with distinct lines and structure in darker colours. The colours can influence the overall look and feel of the room. If you opt for an animal artwork with warm colours, then make sure the elements around it are in cool colours to make it stand out more.

Consider the Frame Options

Both framed and frameless prints are available on the market. Framed prints are a great choice for tying the art together with the room by connecting the frame with the colour scheme of the décor. A simple black border frame keeps the focus on the artwork. If wood dominates in the space, a wooden frame will blend in perfectly. Frameless prints, on the other hand, can easily adapt to any style.

Pick Animal Wall Prints that You Like

Make sure you choose art that you find comforting and enjoyable to look at. Decorating with wall prints is supposed to be a fun experience, so don’t get too stressed when it comes to choosing your animal wall art. Have some fun with it and choose whatever you like the most. Go for colours and prints that catch your eye and remember that nothing is permanent and you can change it anytime. Feel free to mix and match canvas prints as they’re available in all sizes, so you can mix things around until you feel they’re visually balanced. The easiest way to make sure all of them are working together is to select one or two colours that are displayed in each piece.