Stepping in the corporate world is a huge thing. It’s a proof that you are already a responsible person and one who is ready to succeed in her work and life. Since you are going to deal with client meetings, colleague meetings, job interviews and many other corporate events, being dressed properly is paramount. And this can be done only by following the corporate dress code.


What is Female Corporate Wear?

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Corporate wear or business attire is a type of business dress code women need to follow in order to look and professional. Usually, this means wearing formal suits and dresses, however, variations are always acceptable. How formal you have to dress will mainly depend on the type of your job and the company’s dress code rules.

What do Women Wear to the Office?

When it comes to womens office wear Australia women love to wear the classic black skirt, navy pants, white shirts and black blazers. However, each profession has different requirements. For instance, those who work in the PR have more flexible womens office wear Australia businesswomen say. Unlike bankers, lawyers and accountants, for instance, PR women can also wear jeans and denim skirts paired with a shirt and a tailored jacket. Now, since Australia is known for its hot climate, wearing a jacket and a blazer is not always an option. Luckily, there is a chance to stay professional even when the temperature starts rising. All you need to do is to find the appropriate summer combo that will meet your corporate dress code.

The Basic Clothing Pieces in Women Corporate Wear



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Whether your job allows for more flexible office wear or not, blazers are a must-have corporate clothing pieces for women. It is an essential clothing type that can literally tie together any outfit while giving off the needed professional vibes. Besides choosing the right size, the colour also plays a huge role in how professional you will look. For this purpose, make sure you choose office-appropriate colours like black, grey and navy. However, if your job allows it, when in the mood to add a dash of colour to your outfit, you can always combine your business attire with ivory or some other lighter colours.


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Shirts are the most universal tops in the business world. Whether with long or shorter sleeves, shirts are quite popular among women as they can be combined with pants and skirts. The most commonly used colour regarding office shirts is white and light blue, however, other hues are also an acceptable option. When choosing shirts, make sure you choose the right collar, as they can also come in different sizes.


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Blouses are the perfect type of clothing for the warmer days of the year when wearing a coat or jacket is not an option. There are tons of long-sleeved blouses to choose from ranging in colour and design, giving you the freedom to choose different types for different occasions and weather conditions. Regarding material, make sure you choose one that doesn’t wrinkle easily like some polyester blends and lyocell. Just like with the blazer, for corporate workplaces, it is best to stick to more neutral colours like white, ivory, black, grey and navy.


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The classic choice among women is the pencil skirt, however, the A-line skirt is also quite common among businesswomen. A rule you need to follow is to opt for a skirt with a knee-length. When wearing a blazer with the skirt, it is recommended for it to be in the same fabric and colour. However, you can always match your skirt with another colour that is in the corporate colour range (dark neutrals, light greys and cream).

Note: If your job allows it, you can also opt for denim skirts in darker colours that still look professional.


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The beauty in today’s corporate attire is that women can also wear pants if that’s more comfortable for them. You can opt for pants with a straight and slim silhouette in wool and some polyester blends. Looser pants are also an option, just make sure they are at the right length. Except for the plain versions, you can opt for ones that have fine patterns, you just need to stick to rule of choosing ones in neutral dark colours.


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Women can wear dresses in the office with or without blazers. This way, you can show off both your professional and feminine side. Just make sure you choose the right length and neckline opening. Regarding the colour, the safest options are grey, dark grey, black and navy.