The jigsaw as we know it today (or at least the idea of it) was first introduced back in 1946 by Albert Kaufmann. The Swiss company which he worked fir at the time (Scintilla) started mass producing Albert’s invention a year later. They named it the “Lesto” jigsaw – this was the first electric handheld jigsaw ever made. In the 1950s the jigsaw was the most popular power tool and became a common workshop tool. As technological advances were made the jigsaw saw some upgrades too such as LED lights, dust extraction, a more ergonomic grip and finer blades too. Today all these features have led to cordless jigsaws being the go to option as a reliable wood cutting tool. But why is that the case?

cordless jigsaw in usage


Advantages of Cordless Jigsaws

Power jigsaws are generally a better option than regular jigsaws but the cordless option is your best bet as it is even better than a corded jigsaw. A cordless jigsaw tool is more flexible than a corded jigsaw since it has no cable, meaning you can use it wherever you want. The reason why a good number of people use a cordless power jigsaw is the portability factor. A cordless jigsaw can be carried anywhere without the need for a power outlet, you just need your spare batteries in case it runs out of juice.

How to Use Jigsaw Power Tool?

Preparation & Safety

To get started working with a cordless jigsaw tool you need to have a proper workspace for it. As long as you have a room or open space available with no one in the way you’re good. Get yourself two sawhorses, put a piece of plywood on them and make sure the structure is steady. Make sure you have clamps too as whatever you’re going to be cutting needs to be properly secured.

Now remember you always need to wear safety goggles and ear foam to protect your hearing from getting damaged. Wear a mask too as the dust from the jigsaw can enter your airways. Before you start using a jigsaw remember to never place your fingers close to the blade and to always have tool’s base flat against your workspace. Make sure to wear closed-toed shoes and to remove the battery before making adjustments to the tool. When working with the tool stay focused, do not attempt to do other things like taking a call or a picture as it can be extremely dangerous.


1. The first thing to do when you need to use a power jigsaw is to clamp your workspace. Next, you need to adjust the orbital action accordingly and then insert the blade. After you’ve done all this you’ll insert the battery and you’re ready to go.

2. Place the edge of the base of the tool on the workspace but without the blade touching the material you’ll be working on. Then, pull the trigger and ensure that you have the blade running at full speed. You can use an edge guide to ensure that when cutting you are doing so in a straight line.

3. When you do start cutting ensure that once you’re done let the blade stop fully before you lift the tool from the workbench. Lastly, remove the battery if you are going to be moving away from the tool.


Important Cordless Jigsaw Features

Battery Pack

Since this is the most notable feature on a portable jigsaw it should be at the top of your list. There are usually three types of batteries you’ll find in a portable jigsaw, NiMH, Ni-Cad and Li-Ion. Li-Ion batteries are the best solution since they offer fast charging and are considered a good all round battery for power tools.

Orbital Action

Power jigsaws with orbital action cut faster than a regular jigsaw because the orbital action embedded into the tool provides thrust to the blade. These tools also come with an orbital setting which can be adjusted so that they providee more or less thrust to the blade.

Speed & Bevel Adjustment

What can also dictate the speed of a power jigsaw is its speed dial. This dial provides different speed settings that fit certain materials. For example, if you are cutting plastic you just set the dial to plastic and it will slow down the speed and minimise the risk of melting the work piece. The faster the blade moves the hotter it gets.

Lock-on Switch & Trigger

The trigger let’s you start and stop the jigsaw and every single one has it but what is important with this component is the lock-on switch that works with it. You should look for a lock-on switch on your jigsaw since it helps you work more easily when it comes to a long cut. When cutting a long work piece activate the lock-on switch whilst holding the trigger and you’ll be able to make the cut without holding the trigger the whole time.