There’s no doubt first impressions matter, and this doesn’t just go for our appearance but our home’s appearance as well. Have you ever felt amazing about visiting someone’s home with the first step you take? It’s got a lot to do with the appearance of the home, specifically the entryway.

If you’ve been wondering how to add some changes to your abode to make it look more elegant without spending too much on it, you could accomplish a great deal focusing on the entryway. There are many elements you can incorporate, but when looking for the balance of both aesthetics and practicality the answer lies in consoles tables.

hallway console table


The Origin of Console Tables

It wouldn’t take you long to realise just how versatile they are, available in a range of styles and materials, from the simpler wooden designs to the more ornate and chic like the marble ones, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Despite the modern technology used to create them, these tables aren’t so modern, at least the design isn’t considering they’ve been around since the late 17th century, so there’s no wonder there was a more classical feel about them. Available in different prices today, they were only made for the homes of the aristocracy back in the early days, specifically found in the French and Italian mansions.

Since they were attached to the walls with the help of scroll-shaped brackets known as consoles, we got the name consoles tables. Nowadays, one could still find this old-fashioned design though most of the models are freestanding. Other than providing you with the chance to easily move the table around whenever and wherever you see fit, this also means you wouldn’t have to fret installation – no brackets or attachment needed!

Over the years, there have been many changes with the shapes of the design, from the oblong to the oval, however today they’re mainly flat and narrow. Another difference has to do with the number of legs, from two changing to four which is how they became freestanding, and the role in the interior that shifted from mainly decorative to functional as well.

The reason these tables were mostly used in combinations with stools and mirrors was to primarily fill the homes with harmony, providing a sense of symmetry, and even though you can find these matching pieces today also, the typical models are used without them.

What to Consider When Buying

When you decide to welcome a console table in your home, it’s important to think of the space where you’d use it. No matter whether your home, or specifically the entryway is tiny or big, you’d still be able to find the table in the right size but be sure to have the location in mind so you’d choose the best model. For instance, if it’s under the staircase, you might want to buy a smaller table than you would placing it beside an empty wall.

Next up, think about the materials. What is the style that would best suit your entryway? If you’re looking for a way to spice up the interior with something different, perhaps a vintage design would be ideal, whereas if your home is minimal and simplicity is of the essence then the lines of Scandinavian oak consoles tables would be better.

Are you up for a contemporary feel? Find one that’s got two different materials, like metal and glass, for example. In terms of storage, it’s important to consider whether you’d do well with a table that’s got drawers or would rather go for a simpler one instead. Last but not least, don’t forget the price!

modern console table hallway

The Decorations

Wondering how to decorate your console table? Fret not, it’s as easy as decorating a coffee table. Other than using it for storage of keys, sunglasses, bags and items of the sort that you’d like to keep at hand the minute you enter or leave the home, these tables are great for decorating with frames, art pieces you hold near and dear, something you’ve created yourself and want to impress visitors with, a shiny pair of candle holders, and a clock so you’re never pressed for time.

For all the bookworms, decorating with books is always a great idea, and you can use any book you like, both old and new to add a special charm. For a dramatic outcome, you wouldn’t be wrong in opting for an eye-catching lamp, preferably one with a bulb in warm tones to set a warm and pleasant ambiance. Whenever you feel something’s missing, or the table lacks liveliness, just use the help of plants!

If there ever comes a time that you get tired of the table in the entryway, you can easily use it in the living room instead of a side table placing it strategically behind the sofa, or depending on the model, even repurpose it as a desk. Not that difficult to see why they’re versatile, right?