LED technology is finally coming of age and it’s awesome. The cost of LED lights has dropped very drastically in the past years and that’s a great thing for us consumers. One of the many goals I had for my home makeover was change all my light bulbs with LEDs and this year I finally did it. I learned that there are some exciting things happening in the LED world and it made me fall in love with it even more. Now, my home is 100% LED. I was so obsessed that I even bought a LED fridge (you don’t have to go that far though).

Searching for good, durable home LED lights was interesting at the beginning, but it turned out to be harder than I ever expected. Although it’s commonly known that LED lights live a long life, their quality also depends on the manufacturer and the way their micro technology works. The best home LED lights have an outstanding lifespan of up to 100.000 hours! I was wowed by this interesting fact and thought: that’s a lot of hours for a simple light bulb! But it turns out, it really isn’t. Your home LED lights will endure months and years without a problem if taken care of properly and that was yet another reason to make me switch to home LED lights. So now that I have my own LED paradise, let me give you my “Why to switch all your home lights to LED lights” list. Here it goes:

  • Eco friendly – LED lights are friends to Mother Nature because they don’t contain toxic materials and are 100% recyclable. Most conventional lighting bulbs on the other hand contain a number of dangerous materials for the environment. If you choose to change your home lights to LEDs you’ll be one step ahead for a greener future!
  • No Heat – Yep, you’ve heard it. Unlike conventional fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, you can touch LEDs even after they are on for hours. That means no more accidental burns on the top of your fingers when you try to clean them. Hooray!
  • Low Voltage – Imagine your outdoors illuminated in LED lights. Simply perfect! Being low voltage, you can connect an external solar – energy source to your outdoor LED lights, so you won’t have problems with electricity if you live in a rural area. And if you don’t, you can just use them because you simply don’t want to spend so much money on electricity, which is totally understandable and absolutely fine.

led kitchen lights

  • Long-Term Investment – Although their prices dropped off like a stone, home LED lights are still pricier than the fluorescent or the incandescent bulbs. However, if you think a few years ahead, you’ll see that there isn’t such a big difference in the price. The conventional bulbs have to be changed every year and some of them even every few months, but the LEDs will be your light companions for many years to come.
  • Color – LED lights are famous for the variety of colors they offer and that’s what makes them easily adaptable in different environments, rooms and can be used for different purposes. So if you want to have a pink light in your living room no one will stop you from getting one, although I’m not really sure it will be the best idea ever.
  • Modern – Both industrial and home LED lights are designed with the latest technology and are improving each day. They are following the technology trends, so you can even control your lights from your phone or from your PC. You want a glimpse of a futuristic way of living in your own home? Switching to LED lights will be your first, bold step for a sci – fi movie setting in your own living room, bedroom or the kitchen.