Are you getting ready to soak up the sun on your patio this summer? The warm sunny days are just around the corner and everyone’s optimising their patios for outdoor fun. Some are setting up their alfresco kitchens and organising fun family barbecues, while others are sprucing up their gardens.

Adding teak classic sun loungers is a great way to enhance your outdoor area and transform it into a space for entertainment. They serve as luxurious décor pieces and comfy spots for relaxing and sunbathing. A sun lounger is a stylish furniture piece that complements outdoor parties and it’s where you can rest and unwind after a busy day.


Why are Teak Patio Loungers So Good?

Nowadays outdoor furniture comes in various materials, ranging from wood to aluminium and stainless steel. While weather resistance is often the first priority for outdoor furniture, it should also be aesthetically pleasing and improve the curb appeal of your home. With teak furniture, you get the best of both worlds! Here are five major advantages of including sun loungers on your patio or poolside.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you’re all for creating a chic and minimalist outdoors, the classic sun lounger made of teak is the ideal choice for you! These loungers are intricately crafted and breathe an air of elegance and luxury into any outdoor area. They also come with comfy cushions in various colours.

The best thing about them is the teak’s lovely honey/golden brown colour. Even after spending several years outside, this wood doesn’t become spotty or dark. Teak is inherently beautiful and has an outstanding straight wood grain without many knots, making it a great choice for outdoor furniture. Its beautiful golden hue pairs well with the greenery of your outdoors.


Another great advantage of teak loungers is the fact that they’re adjustable. No more tossing and turning trying to find the ideal position while relaxing on a lazy afternoon! These loungers offer an adjustable backrest, adjustable leg rest, slide-out tables and even wheels. This offers easy manoeuvrability whenever you need to move around your furniture.


We already know that teak is a gorgeous-looking wood, but is teak wood durable? In addition to its beautiful aesthetic, it’s also exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting. Teak furniture lasts for decades while needing little to no maintenance. This is because of the high oil content that makes this wood resistant to rain, rot, and pests. Additionally, this stops the teak from bending, twisting, or splintering over time.

Teak wood controls its temperature naturally, keeping itself cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This way it avoids problems that frequently arise with other materials such as metals which get extremely hot in the summer and ice cold in the winter.


Teak is a sustainable and renewable construction material, which makes your teak patio lounger an eco-friendly choice of furniture. These trees grow on sustainably maintained plantations, and each tree is replaced by a new one when cut down. This guarantees that there will be teak wood for future generations.

comfortable sun lounger made from teak wood

Easy to Maintain

Teak loungers can survive for many generations without any further finishes or treatments. This material initially has a warm, golden hue that gradually ages to a silvery grey patina due to weather exposure. The length of time it takes to weather varies depending on the climate it’s placed in. All it takes to get rid of moss, filth, and surface stains is the occasional wash with soapy water and a soft nylon brush.

Regardless of how old your teak furniture is, a thorough clean will help restore its glow. Additionally, there’s a variety of teak maintenance products on the market, including treatments and sealants.

Other Common Materials for Sun Loungers

Teak is a common material choice for a sun lounger. It brings a natural, rustic feel to your patio, while also bringing in a dose of luxury and elegance. It’s superior to other types of wood, as it’s quite durable and requires minimal upkeep. These loungers are also easier to manoeuvre and they aren’t as bulky as other wooden loungers.

When looking for a classic sun lounger you’ll also find loungers made from different materials, such as plastic and metal. Aluminium is a common construction material because it’s strong and lightweight which is why it has many applications. However, one downside to it is that it degrades fast when exposed to moisture, unless it’s protected against rusting. For this reason, many manufacturers apply protective coating on the aluminium frames of these loungers.

Sun loungers made of plastic are also useful, lightweight, and quite inexpensive. On the other hand, they aren’t as durable as metal or teak loungers. Polypropylene stands out among other plastic materials because, in addition to the benefits I mentioned, it’s also strong, durable, and recyclable.

Bottom Line

Sun loungers come in a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic, aluminium, stainless steel, etc. While each of these options has its own pros and cons, loungers made of teak have been a favourite among Australian households for years. These loungers have a gorgeous aesthetic along with other qualities, such as their strength, durability, sustainability, and low maintenance.

So, if you’re planning a backyard makeover for the upcoming summer, don’t forget to check out the variety of elegant loungers online and make your choice!