In a world completely ruled by online communication in the from of Facebook, Whatsapp and what not, it’s easy to send or receive a message instantly 24/7. But the side effect of being constantly available and connected is that all the notifications, messages, follow you where ever you go. No-one gets a moment of peace. That’s why I learned to appreciate the quiet art of getting something in the mail. Not only do you have the ability to check it at your own time, but you also get to connect with something more physical and personal as opposed to a sea of black text on a glowing screen.

But as “vintage” as getting traditional mail might be, you are always free to give it a contemporary touch in the form of a nice stylish letterbox. Besides housing your mail, a letterbox can do double duty and serve as your homes centre feature too. Luckily, apart from the old post-mounted letterboxes placed in front of the gate, today a homeowner can get lost in the many modern models and designs to choose from. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if deciding to buy letter box.



Complementary Materials

The first tip for letterbox shopping is to look for one that matches your property’s style. Whether it’s a small suburban house, a villa, or a duplex, you need to make sure the material and colour of the letterbox complements the external facade. Also, remember that the letterbox will be outside and resisting the harsh Australian elements 24/7, therefore a sturdy, water-resistant material is a must.

A sleek stainless steal letterbox can be the perfect addition to a minimalistic and modern looking exterior. Plus the metal material makes it resistant to dog scratches and makes the letterbox hard to break in. For houses with a traditional cottage look, wooden post-mounted letterboxes are the most popular choice. However, wood can be applied in modern settings also. For instance, the attractive and sustainable wood variant called Accoya has recently become a much sought-after material for porches, front doors and letterboxes as well. Besides having a luxurious and modern look, it is also the perfect eco-friendly choice for the extreme Australian weather.

Functional Mount

Different homes have different expectations from a letterbox. If you live in a dense city area, then a letterbox directly attached to your home is prpably the only choice you have. Door-mounted and wall-mounted letterboxes use space efficiently and enable you to get your mail at an arm’s length without having to walk further than the front porch. If you buy letter box that’s door or wall-mounted, you can still dress it up by carving your house number and name in an interesting font on it. Another tip is to install a container with some high-impact plants directly above the letterbox to give it a livelier personality.

But if you do not like the postman and people handing out promotions to get so close to your front door, there are other mounting solutions too. A post or fence mounted letterbox besides being convenient for the postman is also a lot more noticeable than the wall or door-mounted ones. If this kind of letterbox is your cup of tee, don’t forget to secure it with a strong lock so that no thief can destroy or steal your mail.