There is no denying that taking care of a dog in an urban area is a little bit challenging, especially when it comes to potty time. If your complex has a lot of green grass and walking areas, this can be great for both you and your dog. But the truth is, finding patches of grass may be a bit difficult in the city. Luckily, there are so many dog products on the market that in today’s time and age potty time is not a problem. The invention of dog grass pads makes potty time super easy as all you need to do is to open the door of your balcony.


Is a Grass Pad Right for My Dog?

A dog grass pad, also known as a potty pad or a dog grass toilet, is usually a rectangular or a square-shaped patch of grass that can be made of synthetic materials or real grass. You can find these amazing pieces in many different sizes and placing one on your balcony will give your furry friend easy access to his personal potty area without having to leave the apartment. However, not all dogs will get used to using grass pads, but still, most of them will greatly benefit from these products.

  • Small dog breeds will especially appreciate having a dog grass toilet, especially in cold weather as the cold ground can be really painful for their paws. Also, a potty pad is a good choice for small puppies which are not vaccinated to avoid exposing them to potential risks.
  • Mobility-limited senior dogs will also benefit from dog grass pads. They are perfect for canines who cannot get around too often or ones that are disabled or sick. In case you spend a lot of hours away from home, it is a good idea to use the grass pad inside your home in order to avoid accidents.
  • House training puppies are another type of suitable candidates for a pet potty grass. By the time you get out of bed and get ready to take your dog outside, he may already have done his thing on your floor. Placing a grass pad on your balcony will spare you from such incidents.
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Real Grass Pads Vs. Synthetic Ones

These pads are usually grown hydroponically, in other words – they don’t need soil. This means that there will be no dirt and no chances that your dog will bring mud into your home. The thick root structure can absorb both odours and urine. These pads are disposable, environmentally-friendly and very easy to maintain. One downside of these pads is that they last only a couple of weeks to a month, so you need to replace them frequently.

On the other hand, synthetic options are made of plastic materials. The liquid flows through the material so you will need to empty the collection tray on a daily basis and the pad will need to be rinsed with soapy water frequently as well. These pads may need more maintenance but they will save you a lot of money in the long run because they will hold up over time and don’t need to be replaced as frequently as real grass pads.

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Things to Check Before Buying

Before making your purchase, ensure the management company allows for pets doing their business on the balcony. Some buildings have very restricted rules about these things. If there are no rules, make sure you find the most suitable place for the grass pad in case any urine drains out of the tray. Privacy and distractions are other things to consider as some dogs like to have privacy. Also, if there are a lot of things that distract your dog, like high traffic, he may not pay much attention to the potty grass. So, make sure you find the most private spot on your balcony and allow your dog to do his thing the right way.