A living room is supposed to be a place of comfort, but it also has to have the ability to amaze. It’s the most multifunctional space in one’s home, so it does make sense to try and go out of one’s way to make it stand out. In the light of those facts, here are four ideas on how to liven up your living room.


End the Boring Coffee Table Fable

One sure way to render your coffee table more appealing is by accessorizing it. Adding a tray is an interesting way to jazz it up – it is a practical and stylish way for showing off your favourite small décor pieces while it can all be easily removed for when you need to clear the surface or when entertaining. Except for a tray, you can also add a stack of books and a vase filled with flowers which you can change according to the season. These seasonal swap-outs will make your living room different and stylish every season.

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Perk up the Windowsill

Windowsills are the perfect place for some fancy planters with flowers and it would be a shame to leave them blank and lifeless. Even if you have the blackest thumb in the world, you wouldn’t be able to remain indifferent to the newest invention – self-watering planters. The “I forgot to water my plants” excuse will become a thing of the past if you buy self watering planter since the main role of these planters is to make watering as convenient as never before.

Generally, self-watering planters are designed of two parts. The upper is the planter itself and that’s where the soil is, while the lower container is the built-in reservoir designed for the water. Once the reservoir is filled up with water, the plant’s roots can use it directly from it as much as needed and the rest of it is stored in the container, waiting for another use. Another great feature of these self-watering planters is that they have an indicator that shows how much water is left in the container. This way you will only need to refill the reservoir once a week, or once in 10 days. If you decide to buy self watering planter you will be amazed by their convenience and their ability to match your existing living room design (thanks to their simple and clean lines).

Add Colourful Bursts

Except for adding greenery, you can also add a small dose of colour that draws the eye. The most simple, yet stylish way to do this is with throw pillows. Even though small, throw pillows have the power to change the ambiance and brighten the room up. Just make sure you choose fabric and texture that matches the other textures in your living room in order to make your room look polished, and once again, you can make seasonal swap-outs. For example, for spring and summer you can go with more vibrant colours, whereas for fall and winter, choose burgundy, brown or yellow autumnal colours.

Glam up a Wall

Sometimes what a living room really needs is a statement wall. You can either create a gallery wall using smaller pieces you already have, or you can hang a larger piece of art. Either way, you will be able to spruce up your living room and make it more personal.