Are you tired of not getting enough sleep at night? Do you find yourself tossing and turning or waking up in the morning with a sore back? If so, it may be time to consider purchasing an adjustable electronic bed. These beds are designed to provide comfort for your whole body no matter what position you are sleeping in. Many adjustable beds on the market can help you find your ideal comfort level for any given situation.  If you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep, adjustable beds are a great option!


What Are Adjustable Beds? 

woman reading on a adjustable bed

So what exactly is an adjustable electronic bed? These beds have a system that allows you to raise and lower different sections of the bed. This is done by remote control or another electronic device, such as voice control. The main part of this type of bed is the base. 

The adjustable base is composed of joints, which allow it to modify effortlessly to your desired position. Thanks to the complex interconnected structure of the base, you can adjust only isolated parts of the bed depending on your needs. For example, if you wish to read while still lying comfortably, just raise the head portion.

Next, you have the mattress. Now, you may be wondering- “Do I have to buy a special mattress?”. The answer is simple- choose the mattress you want, just make sure it’s durable and flexible enough to follow the movements of the base. With the constant readjusting and positioning, your mattress will go through a lot of bending, so you need to pick out one that is malleable yet still sits flat on the base. A good option is a memory foam mattress, as it adapts freely to any bed frame and body shape.

What Are the Advantages of an Adjustable Bed?

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Adjustable electric beds can offer many benefits, including better support and comfort and help with an array of medical issues. The main reason to get such a bed is the ability to customise it to your needs and elevate your sleeping experience. In addition to improving sleep, here are some of the other perks of investing in adjustable electronic beds.

  • Relieves back and neck pain;
  • Improves posture;
  • Combats insomnia;
  • Alleviates breathing problems and snoring;
  • Promotes better circulation;
  • Aids in digestion;
  • Reduces swelling in legs;
  • Decreases chances of asthma attacks;
  • Provides comfort after medical procedures;

How to Find Your Ideal Adjustable Bed?

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We’ve covered the basics of adjustable electronic beds, but now comes the question, “How do I find one that fits my needs?”. In recent years, adjustable frames have evolved from their original use as a necessity to elderly people with medical issues to standard practice for adding comfort to everyday life.

People of all ages are opting for flexible options to relieve chronic pain, improve their sleep, or simply relax without having to readjust every five minutes like on an uncomfy regular bed.  

So, if you’re in the market for this unique alternative to traditional beds, let’s go over the types of adjustable bedding and what they offer to help pick the perfect one for you.

The Sizes of Adjustable Frames

adjustable bed frames

The first step to picking an adjustable frame is going through the sizes and styles available. Depending on your space or sleeping configuration, you can choose from single, double, king-size, or the split option that allows you to position yourself without waking up the person sleeping next to you.

Types of Bases 

Classic “Sit Up” Base

Best for improving your lifestyle, the classic “sit up” base has a simple structure that lifts only at the head portion of the bed. This style of adjustable base is great for when you’re reading or watching TV as it positions your spine at an optimal angle and releases the pressure on the lower back.  It is most popular for at-home working and leisure activities. For added comfort, these bases can be personalized with features such as reading light.

Variable Position Base

woman relaxing on a Variable Position Base adjustable bed

The variable position base is the most flexible base for adjustable beds. This base has sectioned joints that bend the mattress into different positions depending on the setting you choose. You can pick from two-, three- or four-part adjustable bases, giving you the freedom to adjust yourself according to your needs. Two-part bases lift the head portion of the bed, making it easier to get up; three-part bases include an additional leg-lifting setting and four-part bases are similar to three-part ones but with an extra flat setting. This base is best for relieving medical and health issues, such as breathing problems and arthritis.

Height-Adjustable Base

adjustable bed frames

 Height-adjustable bases do precisely what the name implies. The key feature of the frame is moving up and down as needed, by remote control, to make getting out of bed easier. This base is best for providing nursing care as it allows the caregiver to adjust the base during meals, when changing clothes or just providing primary care. The height-adjustable base can also be upgraded with features such as a hand or bed rail to ensure the user has a firm grip when getting off it.

Massage Base

Although this can be added as a feature to most frames, this base offers you a massage function to certain portions of the mattress to temporarily relieve chronic pain symptoms. There is limited research to back up the theory of any medical benefit, so it’s best to use this base for relaxing.

The Durability of the BaseThe last thing left to consider when purchasing is the durability of the frames, which comes down to many factors. The durability of the structures is mainly affected by how frequently it’s used. You can shorten the life span by carelessly readjusting without getting off it first. This adds pressure to the structure and wears out the motors. 

In addition, using a mattress that isn’t flexible enough can also damage the frame. To get the most out of your bed, maintain it frequently, invest in a suitable mattress and refrain from reckless usage.

Other Tips to Help Improve Your Overall Quality of Sleep 

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Not getting a good night’s sleep has been proven to affect both your physical and mental health. This can lead to lower productivity levels, developing eating disorders, and a sudden decline in your emotional stability.

If you’re having issues in this department, maybe it’s time to spruce up your bedroom and make the most of your sleep.  In addition the upgrading your bed, you can improve your sleeping by transforming your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary.

A great way to achieve that is by investing in comfy bed linens that will make you jump into bed the moment you walk into the room. Quality bed linens are more breathable, which helps regulate body temperature, resulting in less tossing and turning throughout the night.

Now to take it to the next level, you can try out essential oil diffusers. Essential oils are famous for their soothing effects and help with battling insomnia. In addition to soothing your body, certain essential oils can help clear out your airways.

These are some quick tips to help with falling asleep easier, but after all, finding the ideal routine is an individual journey with many trials and errors. Have a go at many options and find the one most suitable for you.