We live in a world of endless possibilities, trends coming and going, but what’s truly remarkable to see is a brand that remains popular such as Carhartt thanks to staying authentic to their principles year after year, century after century. Whether you own something of the brand or not truth is you probably have already heard of its value in the fashion world.

Though its beginnings were humble back in 1889 in Detroit, it was the dedication of the founder Hamilton Carhartt that led to the establishment of a concept based on honesty and quality. While we know the brand for its versatile and stylish clothing pieces, like the Carhartt jackets, at its start it was a company primarily producing overalls for railroad workers.

It didn’t take long for the brand to spread not only throughout the US, like Atlanta, Dallas and San Francisco, but also internationally from Canada, specifically Ontario, Toronto and Vancouver, to the UK with a facility in Liverpool and France with Paris.

Sure, it may have made its way as a brand of the working class up until 1970 however it was from then on that expanding happened, beyond the blue-collar trades thanks to the music industry, specifically hip-hop because of sharing the ruggedness of the fabrics, the utilitarian aesthetics which can be seen in spacious pockets and the ideals most of all, with Kanye West being among the musicians today known to be the biggest fans of the brand.

This is the proof there’s a thin line between workwear and street fashion and if you wish to make way for Carhartt in your wardrobe you could pair the eye-catching Carhartt jackets with pants and shirts to get the full rugged flair. Other pieces of streetwear particularly popular among celebrities, skaters and hipsters alike of all ages are the beanies charming with their comfort and warmth.

Speaking of comfort, it’s another characteristic that convinces people to wear this iconic brand and it can be felt in the designs, the choice of fabrics as well as how practical the clothing is. Whether you plan on wearing them daily where your style can be casual or combine casual with business is up to you, it’s great either way.

Anyone wanting to buy affordable clothing that’s known for the durability or enjoy the rough and practical appeal as it fits well with your lifestyle, this is the brand to choose.