When camping or similar activities are mentioned, you might think of backpacks, torches, specially designed camping tents and other essential items that might make your trip or vacation a bit easier. Well, if you don’t know about or haven’t considered the outstanding RV, then you are missing out on a lot. RVs and camp vans are the ultimate comfy variety you can go for that will ensure a much safer and more enjoyable journey. It’s sort of like a house, but with wheels on it, meaning that you can travel anywhere you would want with it. It makes the ideal shelter not just for you, but for your family and friends too. 

Now, just getting the RV is one thing, but if you want to make the most out of it, you should consider adding some beneficial additional features to it. Don’t have any ideas? Continue reading below and let me inspire your inner camper.


Caravan Tables

You can’t go wrong by adding one or two convenient campervan tables to ensure a good and comfy experience. They are the ultimate must-have feature for the interior of your RV or Campervan. What makes them so great is their usefulness and versatility. Not to mention, their modern design also adds a lot to the aesthetic look of your camp van.

campervan tables
source: risingbrook-carandvanhire.co.uk

They can be mainly used for eating and prepping meals along with drinking beverages. However, they have much more than that to offer. You can also use them as a personal desk where you can do some of your unfinished school or job assignments. It is also the ideal place where you can play fun board games with your camping trip companions.

The uses are many, and it is all thanks to the wide range of caravan table styles. 
For instance, there is the pull-out table kind. They are any type of table that you can pull out, swing or draw out, much as you would do to a regular drawer. They make the perfect choice if you don’t have much space to work with. Here you can also opt for an expendable kind, which is a table that has an extra part attached to it, which you can fold up or extend. Another type you can go for is the regular, permanent caravan table. Keep in mind that it might take up your needed space. Other creative ideas include a hanging table, a lap tray with removable legs or a simple, portable variety. 

Lastly, a question that you might ask yourself is – What are Caravan tables made of? Well, if you want a long-lasting kind, do yourself a favour and go for a combination of plywood or bamboo frames. Remember to take your time and pick wisely.

Van Storage Ideas

Another great tip for going on vacation or camping trips is that you make sure you have enough storage space. In this case, you should customize your RV that way so it can have a ton of free space for any type of item that you might need to store.

You can go for sturdy and spacious cabinets. And, I cannot stress enough on the sturdy part. Your RV cabinets should be made out of durable and sustainable materials that will be able to endure all the vibrations that bumpy roads can bring. However, you also don’t want them to be too heavy either, so pick carefully. Going for a moisture-resistant cabinet material is also a smart move, if you want to prevent mould or deterioration. Also, proper storage is key. Make certain that the items you store inside are well secured. 

campervan accessories
source: gnomadhome.com

Other storage ideas include shelves, baskets, bins and bags. Note that shelves might not be that convenient, considering the constant movement that will be a recipe for disaster for your stored items. This is why you can’t go wrong if you choose plastic and other types of baskets or mesh bags. You can use them for storing your camping gear, your shoes, food or other personal items.

Solar Panels for the Ultimate Camper Experience

An invention that has gained worldwide popularity is undoubtedly the solar panel. Yes, RVs can have installed solar panels too. They work just the same way residential ones would – they harvest energy from our sun. You can pick specialized panels or smaller, more flexible panels. They might be pricey, however, if you and your closest ones spend most of your free days on the road, then it makes an excellent investment. The good thing is, they don’t even require a ton of maintenance. Just stick to sunny destinations and you will be good to go. 
With a high-quality solar panel, you will be able to access unlimited energy for all your RV appliances. Let’s not forget that it will be much easier for you to get off the grid since you will have electrical independence. 

Additional Features

If you want to go all out with your camping journey, here are some additional features you can opt for:

  • A Bathroom Area – This is the must-have space if you plan on spending quite some time in your Campervan. You can get a built-in shower and a toilet. A nice shower will come in handy, especially on muddy camping strolls. 
  • A Kitchen Area – Island counters, a fridge, microwave or a quality stove will make certain that your RV is packed with yummy and fresh food all the time. Of course, your cooking skills play a large role here too.
  • A Cosy Sleeping Space – Don’t forget to create a nice resting area where you can cool down. Soft pillows, dim lighting and comfy sheets on cosy bedding are what you and your travel companions will need.


Overall, if you are a person who loves nature or camping in general, getting and customizing your RV the right way will help you achieve the ultimate outdoor journey along with your loved ones. You can get the super convenient campervan tables, the solar panels for a complete off-the-grid trip and many other extra features. Get yourself and your family prepared right for the vacation of a lifetime.