You know how we find pleasure in saying we are more advanced when it comes to innovations nowadays thanks to the use of technology? Well, fact is many of the concepts that innovations of today are based on have their beginnings decades and decades ago. Such is the case with building scale models as one of the vintage hobbies mesmerising people to this day.

The appearance of the first scale models in the 1950s, both in England with Nicholas Kove, and the USA with Lewis Glasser, thanks to their injection moulding equipment, brought to the awakening of a hobby, that swept everyone off their feet worldwide, resulting in the creation of specialised magazines, clubs, competitions, committees, and of course, the specialised magical place, the model shop.

No matter whether you’re just an enthusiast letting this turn into a serious hobby taking over your life, or are already an expert, it’s the place where you can find whatever it is to spark your interest further, and help you excel in the skills. The dream model shop has a wide range of items, as well as parts, so it wouldn’t be a problem even if you require a replacement part – you just have to find the right one.

Why this hobby? Well, building scale models is the chance for adults to play. The fun part is, even though it seems like a simple sort of play, it’s much more complex, and might involve getting on the quest for adequate photographs, and drawings, as well as doing a great deal of reading on the matter to be able to carry on with modelling the right way. It’s this that makes it that much more exciting.

When you get involved in this hobby, there’s no going back. As you get more and more interested, you get to become more and more of an expert in crafts, and engineering, as you’d inspect every plastic bit of the model, then cut, drill, and sculpt to actually construct the model. Further, there are those vehicle models that give you the possibility to work on your artistic skills by painting them. In other words, there’s nothing boring about this hobby – there’s versatility!

When you get a bit of experience, and pride yourself on the result, you work on your collecting instinct at the same time, steering to a certain interest; for instance, focusing on cars, or aircrafts. Whether you decide to showcase your masterpieces, or leave them hidden in the drawers, piling up dust, is up to you. What’s undeniable is the level of fun in the building!