Even though there are those of us who still find it hard to get used to how greatly life has changed in this modern world, there’s no point in denying that we’ve all been affected in one way or another. Let’s take eating for instance: it’s undergone such immense changes, differences in ingredients and cooking and processing food, all because of the lack of time most of us struggle with, but the greatest change of all has to be in the whole manner of eating, with binge-eating in front of the TV preceding traditional meals around the table. This of course affects the concept of dining rooms, and they end up being considered as the rooms for parties and formal dinners instead.

The key to bringing the dining room’s spark back is in making it as pleasant and inviting as can be that you won’t be able to switch with meals on the couch. The first step to take is consider the furniture; if you don’t want to end up having a makeover every two years or so, you should invest in quality timeless furniture. Since nowadays the focus is on simplicity, you can adorn your dining area with the simple and everlasting appeal of nature, such as the wooden designs of table and dining chairs. Their earthy tones can instantly turn the area into one that gives off a warm and welcoming vibe. Avoid the mistake of buying sets that are too heavy to move and make sure you have plenty of room for everyone on the table.

Shapes play a great role; in the case of compact space, you can’t go wrong by choosing a square table, but if you’re up for an intimate atmosphere then go for a round one, whereas for dining chairs you can have fun matching the shape of the seat with that of the table, taking size into consideration as well and ensuring there’s enough room around them for unobstructed movement. The next ace up your sleeve in the makeover game is lighting simply because it’s the perfect way to accessorise. It gives you the freedom of experimenting with styles and mismatching; who said vintage chandeliers don’t go well with minimalism? If you have a compact dining area, you’d be surprised of the visual impact lighting has, making it appear bigger and more open.

There’s nothing quite like art to turn the interior into a more personal and livelier place. It can be in the form of paintings, your personal photographs, centrepiece of greenery, ornaments and even a rug. Art doesn’t just add colour but cosiness and texture as well, defining the whole room. As you can see everything mentioned in the article plays its important part in transforming the dining room to get the outcome of a room where you just can’t wait to bond with loved ones with chats over hearty meals. I’d choose that over couch meals anytime!