Finding the right pair of wedding shoes is a task as important as finding the right wedding gown. The dress may be the most important part of a bride’s look, as it makes the perfect base for adding bridal accessories. But a good pair of wedding shoes may be vital for the bride’s comfort and elegant feel. Wondering which colour to go with? Many women seem to love the look of ivory shoes paired with their gown. Let’s see why.


Why Choose Ivory?

bridal shoes in ivory

Wondering do wedding shoes need to be white? White is the most traditional choice for wedding dresses and shoes. However, the fact that it has no shades and tints added to it can sometimes appear as a bit of blue in natural light. While it greatly complements darker and olive skin tones, pure white on girls with a fair tan with rose undertone can cause a washed off look. 

Ivory, though, seems to complement every skin tone. This trendy white alternative with creamy tint and many shades is the perfect wedding white for many brides-to-be. Ivory symbolises tainted innocence; however, most brides pick this colour for its beautiful look rather than its symbolic meaning.

Another thing is that many materials used for wedding dresses and shoes look better in ivory than they look in pure white. This also stands for the dress compositions. Think diamonds, pearls or lace in addition to an ivory dress or a pair of shoes. It sends a heavenly vibe for sure. If you’re getting this vibe as I am, know that whatever your skin tone is, you can never go wrong with choosing ivory for your wedding look.

The Different Types of Ivory Bridal Shoes

Ivory wedding Shoes

Having so many options to choose from feels exciting for some brides-to-be, but others may find it a little overwhelming. However, having some basic guidelines for the different types of ivory wedding shoes for bride can make it easier for you to narrow down your options to ones you really like. We’ve compared the different features so you can easily define what would work best for you.

The Biggest Dilemma: Flats or High-heels

For decades, wedding high heels were the epitome of an elegant wedding look that no bride should compromise for comfort. The lack of elegant wedding flat options has contributed significantly to this widely spread opinion.

Nowadays, as more and more weddings take place in the woods, on the beach and in the countryside, many modern brides choose flats over heels. Many others choose to wear flats because of their fiancé’s height, and there’s this third group of dancing queens who wouldn’t compromise having a good time with uncomfortable pair of shoes. If you find yourself picking out flats instead of heels for a regular night out, it shouldn’t be otherwise for your big day. If you know you can’t make it in heels for more than a couple of hours, how would it be spending a whole day of 12-16 hours of activity in them? Getting sore feet is a definite mood killer.

If you love high heels and can’t imagine your wedding look without them, you should know that many designer wedding high heels today are glamourous yet comfortable. Designed with the bridal need to be worn for a whole day in mind, there are different heel height ivory bridal shoes you can choose from. Point heels, block heels and kitten heels – there are many heel options to choose from.

If you can’t seem to make up your mind and settle for one pair of shoes, why not go for two pairs of ivory wedding shoes for bride? That way, you can enjoy walking down the aisle in a pair of ivory wedding high heels and switch to a pair of flats for the reception. The only worry, in this case, would be the length of the dress – consider one that can fit both options.

Closed vs. Open-toe Wedding Shoe

If your wedding takes place in the winter months, a closed-toe would be the best option. They’re the way to go when deciding on shoes for a black-tie dress code wedding, being the more sophisticated choice.

If you have a summer wedding, it’s up to you. Strap sandals are back and are looking better than ever. Either block heels or wedged heels can be the perfect addition to a tea-length summer gown.

Sophisticated Minimalism or Romantic Embellishments

Jimmy Choo Romy Crystal Embellished Pump

You can hear different style experts’ answers to which shoe style goes to which dress. It’s like asking various interior experts about what wedding decor you should choose. Considering this is a matter of different tastes, it’s totally up to you what style of ivory wedding shoes you’ll pick.

A minimalistic wedding dress made out of clean satin or crepe fabric might go best with a clean pump or pointed block heel, with no embellishments. Yet, if you want to add a sparkly note to your wedding look, a sparkly sandal is the way to go. Sparkly dresses go well with both neat designs and sparkly shoes. And, lace looks best with lace. If you’re worried about matching dress and shoe fabric, you can ask for a swatch of the dress before going on a shoe hunt. That way you can compare it and see what goes best for you.

Tips on Finding the Right Pair of Wedding Shoes

beautiful wedding shoes with chrystal details on the back
  • Make them comfortable. Wearing your shoes off before the big day lets you get comfortable with wearing them. That way, you’ll get used to them so you won’t get blistered feet on your big day.
  • Be true to yourself. The shoes you choose should be a pair (or two) you like and feel good in it. What makes a pair of shoes right for your friend won’t necessarily be your match. Your choice should be impacted by your preferences only to stay true to your bridal style.
  • Don’t put up with pain. Opt for high-quality shoes that are as comfortable as they look good. Designer wedding shoes might be a bit more expensive but can provide you with the good looks and the comfort you need.
  • Have fun. Last but not least, both shopping for wedding shoes and wearing them should be fun. That’s the only way to make your big day joyful and memorable. It’s one of the most important days in your life, so make it about you and not the dress or the shoes.