In an increasingly open-minded and body-positive society, we’re all more inclined towards accepting our bodies for what they are. They’re all beautiful in their unique way and should be celebrated in an empowering fashion. Our differences are the things that make us stand out from the rest in our own way and it’s time to embrace them.

When it comes to plus-size bodies, finding a well-fitting and comfortable bra is now easier than ever. With all the latest styles that are designed for fuller figures, many women can find a brassiere that fits their body shape perfectly and provides great support. As such, the vast collection of large-sized bras available brings no shortage of options in terms of design, colour and material.


Decoding Bra Sizes

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Much like bags are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe, bras have much the same role. Back in the days of the Victorian era and early 20th century, women had access to a very limited range of models, mainly made of stiff fabrics and without any curves. Their sole purpose was to provide support and modesty.

However, nowadays, bra sizes and styles are much more diverse. While their supportive purpose remains, they’re now much more fashionable and creatively designed. With subtle differences in cut and shape, as well as an assortment of sizes, they’re able to provide more comfort and support than ever before.

As far as sizing goes, it’s reflected through letters and numbers. For example, a 34D would indicate a woman’s chest size, in this case 34 inches (or 86cm) around, and the cup size would be indicated by D. The letters range from AA to N and reflect the difference between chest circumference and cup size. So if you’re a DD, that would mean an extra two inches on top of the circumference size.

Similarly, DDD or F indicate the same cup size as DD but with a slightly bigger chest circumference. This difference can be small but it does make a difference in terms of fit and comfort, so it’s important to be aware of these distinctions. If you’re on the curvier side, going for anything in the DD and above range is a good idea.

Which Bra Is Best for Plus Size?

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When it comes to bigger sizes, most bras for women have the same basic components: cup, straps, band and back closure. Depending on the material used for the cups and bands, as well as any additional features such as padding or extra support, they can differ in terms of how they feel when you wear them.

Full-Figure Bras

The first and perhaps most obvious choice for large cup sizes are full-figure brassieres. These offer maximum coverage and support, often with multiple hooks at the back and wider straps for extra support. They’re usually made of thicker fabric which goes up in the centre and over the straps. This style is great for larger busts as it’s designed to keep everything in place.

Lace Contour Plunge Bras

These large-sized bras certainly offer a more seductive look. With lace-covered contour cups and plunging necklines, they provide the desired coverage and support without compromising on sexiness. They may not offer as much support as full-figure brassieres but still provide adequate comfort for plus sizes. Their general shape also helps to create a natural, rounded silhouette.

Busty Bralettes

For those who are looking for something a bit more fun and flirty, busty bralettes can be a fantastic yet practical choice. With thin straps and delicate lace detailing, they’re great for casual wear or lounging around the house. When it comes to fuller bust sizes, these bralettes are often designed with thicker straps and more support in the cups.


The renowned strapless bras are also available in plus sizes, so if you’re looking for something to wear with a low-cut dress or tank top these can be great. They’re not always the most supportive or comfortable, but they do provide some support and are ideal for those occasions when you don’t want any fabric showing from underneath. Their design is quite simple, with a thicker fabric around the sides and the top.

Demi Bras

The slightly more revealing cousin of the full-figure version, demi bras come in plus sizes as well. These are best suited for women with a bigger bust size but don’t require as much support and coverage as the full-figure brassieres. They sit just below the bustline, with wider straps and a bit of padding in the cups for extra support. They feel light and cosy, while still providing enough security to keep everything in place.


If you’re looking for something that’s minimal yet supportive, then the wireless version would be your best bet. These have no underwire and are usually made of a stretchy fabric, which makes them incredibly comfortable to wear. They can be as supportive as wired bras, while allowing for plenty of movement and flexibility. When it comes to larger cup sizes, wireless brassieres can provide just the right amount of support without feeling too tight or restrictive.