The design of the iPhone has always been a top-notch one. Its chamfered edges and curved metal frame combined on the glass body with sleek finishes have put the iPhone on a pedestal as a premium device. Same goes for the iPhone 8 – although it ditched the chamfered edges, full metal body, and headphone jack, it definitely kept the home button as the last ever iPhone to have it along with its larger variant – the iPhone 8 plus.

However, Apple wouldn’t be Apple if they didn’t make their phones so fragile – let’s be fair there’s always that friend with a cracked iPhone screen. With that being the case, a protective yet stylish phone cover is something you’ll definitely need for your new smart friend in order to show its fabulous design but still have it protected from impact. Here’s a list of the top 5 cases that you should consider buying to have a peace of mind when using your iPhone.


UAG Plyo Series

Most UAG iPhone 8 cases are a bit chunkier than your usual phone case because their features are focused more on the safety aspect. Nevertheless, they also have a minimalistic back that comes in three variants – grey tinted, red tinted and clear transparency. UAG iPhone 8 cases provide a solid protection with their reinforced corners, oversized button covers and the usual skid pads that provide great gripping points.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

This will be the best case to buy if you are a proud fanboy of Apple and want everyone to know that. This case has both a tinted and a crystal clear version with a polycarbonate back and a thermoplastic polyurethane frame which can also be clear or made from a selection of colours. This piece of plastic has good button covers and a bumper that provides military-grade drop protection for everyday clumsiness. It’s the type of cover you should get if you’re looking for aesthetics and ultimate protection in a single accessory.

Caudabe Veil XT

For all the minimalists out there who also want the feel of a premium phone in their hand but want to avoid chunky and big covers, the Veil XT is the best fit they can get. This thin case has cutouts for the camera, buttons and charging port. It comes in black, red and blue and although it doesn’t have a fully transparent background like the previous two, it is still very stylish and has a textured matte finish on top which provides a good grip.

Caseology Skyfall Series

Similar to the UAG iPhone 8 cases and their Plyo series, the Caseology Skyfall series has button covers and a transparent back to show off your brand new phone. This case series offers a different kind of protection that matches the colour of your phone. It has cutouts and raised lips around the camera lens and screen, mainly on the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plastic back, which is shelled together with a polycarbonate frame for extra protection.

Incipio Esquire Slim Series

If you want something that will feel comfortable without loosing too much on protection, this phone case series has you covered in that regard. Incipios esquire slim series has comfort at their forefront, with a specific chambray cotton fabric that they use on this line of products. They come in black or grey, while also including a tough polycarbonate in the core with added flexibility. There aren’t any cutouts for all the buttons and ports but rather more than big enough openings that allow for a better grip.