Every homeowner should love each of the rooms in their home, and when it comes to bedrooms, every time you open the door to enter, every time you go to bed or when open your eyes in the morning, it should feel like your personal sanctuary. The place where the outside world stays outside and your worries are chased away by your good night’s sleep. So, if you are after finding simple changes that will make a huge difference and help you create this blissfulness, the truth is that it doesn’t take a lot. If you choose well, even one new piece of furniture or a small change in the illumination scheme can be exactly what gives you what you want.


Floor Lamps

It’s obvious why artificial lighting is necessary for every room. The overall illumination – the natural light entering from the windows during the day, or the street lights during the night, along with your lights, will play many roles in many aspects of your home. And while how and what kind of light we install is very important for practicality, comfort and eye health, another important aspect when it comes to home lighting is the design of the light fixtures themselves.

The truth is that unless you have a small home office in one corner of your bedroom, you probably spend most of your time in your bedroom sleeping. However, good illumination is important for many reasons. Many of us keep our clothes in the bedroom, meaning that we dress up and try on different outfits in the bedroom, many people put on makeup and other cosmetics there too, etc.

Source: sleepfoundation.org

However, the most important type of light fixtures in a bedroom are lamps, as they will allow you to read before sleeping or to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet without hitting yourself, getting blinded by the strong light of your overhead pending or waking the person sleeping next to you. Lamps are the perfect homeware to use for decorating and for making changes. For your bedroom, you can get a flexible floor lamp that will not only provide you with the soft light that you need for reading in bed but will also bring style and interest to your bedroom.

Many homeowners place adjustable floor lamps in corners or next to furniture pieces. In your bedroom, you can do both. You can put it in the corner of your room, close to your bed, or you can place one adjustable floor lamp next to the bed, or two identical or different ones on each side of the bed – if you don’t have nightstands. If you have nightstands, but you like lambs, you can instead go for smaller table lamps. Both the design of the flexible floor lamp and the soft light it will throw on the room, can make your bedroom more stylish, as well as a calmer and softer vibe, which will also be more stress-relieving.


Source: showhome-furniture.com

Even though not many bedrooms have headboards nowadays, because many modern beds can work perfectly fine without them, there are many reasons why these pieces of furniture shouldn’t be neglected. The first one is of course style. So, if you are trying to make your bedroom more stylish without renovating the entire room, buying a lot of stuff or spending a lot of time, you can install a luxury headboard on your bed. Also referred to as bed heads, these pieces of furniture can look incredible and they are a great and very simple way to add a touch of allure to your bedroom.

The aesthetical appeal of headboards is quite obvious. They come in many different colours, designs and materials, and you can find a model that will perfectly complement the décor of your bedroom. A luxury headboard covering part of the feature wall behind, with a lovely colour or a beautiful wallpaper design behind it, or an art piece above it, can make for a sophisticated focal point.

When you are choosing a bed head you should take several things into account, including the colour of your bedroom and your bed, the overall décor, the size of the room and the bed, etc. If you choose a headboard design that will match your décor, it can give your bedroom personality and glamour, but also a cosy and inviting vibe.

Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of headboards can also have an impact on the overall comfort of your bedroom, because as it has been proven many times, we tend to relax better and feel less stressed when we are surrounded by things that we find beautiful. However, bed heads also provide physical comfort. If you like sitting up in bed reading, writing on your laptop or watching a film, this convenient piece of furniture will give your back sturdy support. They also put your pillows in place, stopping them from falling down in the gap between the mattress and the wall and they can also give the entire bed more stability.

Bedroom Benches

Like floor lamps and headboards, bedroom benches aren’t like other pieces of furniture that are crucial for a bedroom, which is why not all bedrooms have them. However, if you have the space to place one at the bottom of your bed, then you are in luck. Bedroom benches come in many different designs. They often offer additional storage space, sometimes enclosed, and other times in the form of shelves under the seat, even though traditionally they are simply that – a bench.

Source: www.home-designing.com

Bedroom benches provide you with space for extra pillows and blankets during the night. In other words, they can make making the bed in the morning much easier, which makes them extremely convenient. You can also use them to put your shoes on or take them off.

However, even if you don’t need the extra storage space, or you don’t need a place to put on shoes or to hold your extra pillows and blankets, adding an end of bed bench can make wonders for the style of your bedroom. They are the perfect finishing touch to a luxurious bedroom. If you decide to get one for your bedroom, you should always make sure that it’s narrower than the bed, and you should always get a colour that matches the rest of the room, whether you want to go for contrast or you want to match the colour scheme of the room.