Popular Bag Styles Every Woman Should Add to Her Capsule Wardrobe

Popular Bag Styles Every Woman Should Add to Her Capsule Wardrobe

Women can never have too many bags just like they can never have too many pairs of shoes! Besides giving you a safe and easy way to carry your belongings, whether going to the gym, running errands, or travelling, bags can keep your hands free at the same time so you can do other things, like holding onto a child’s hand or carrying groceries. Plus, they can slay an outfit like no other piece of accessory can!

5 Essential Ingredients for the Perfect Western Look

5 Essential Ingredients for the Perfect Western Look

The Western style is all about ruggedness, simplicity, and authenticity, and getting it right requires a delicate balance of these elements. Building the perfect cowboy outfit is a bit of a difficult task no matter the occasion. So, whether you’re going horse riding or going out with friends, here are the 5 essential items you need to have in your closet for the perfect western look.

A Guide to Sewing Machine Needles

A Guide to Sewing Machine Needles

The sewing pattern, a spool of thread, and some fabrics are some of the essential items to keep at hand when starting a new project. But at the heart of it all is a good old sewing machine needle, which has a blunt top with a pointed tip, and a hole for inserting thread. It can be tightened after being placed into a machine screw and allows for quick and easy movements.

Using the appropriate needle can make all the difference between broken threads, skipped stitches, and a beautiful, professional-looking seam. Sew machine needles come in a variety of uses and thicknesses, and various types are needed for different types of fabric.

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How to Choose the Best Needles for Your Sewing Machine

sewing needle
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To put it plainly, picking suitable sewing machine needles for your needs is necessary to get the correct tension and prevent puckering and skipped stitches. However, with so many options available picking the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why is important to keep the following factors in mind.

Needle Types

Finding the ideal needle type is crucial for a successful project. And, since not all machine needles on the market are created equal, the following are the most common ones:

Universal Needle

The most popular and widely used sewing machine needles are for non-specialty textiles. If you exclusively sew on common woven materials, you generally simply need to keep a supply of universal needles in different sizes in your sewing area. These are the greatest all-purpose sew machine needles, and they typically come in a combo pack with a few sizes.

Stretch/Ball Point Needle

Stretch/ball point needles are perhaps the second most used needles as you must use these specialized tools for any stretchy or knit clothing you sew. Unlike darning needles which are the essential tools for crocheting, medium ballpoint stretch and ballpoint needles are specifically made to avoid skipped stitches in knit fabrics. Even though the majority of knits, a ballpoint needle can be used; for very elastic materials and high-stretch knitwear, such as swimwear, use stretch needles, which have a narrower point.

Denim Needle

Denim needles, on the other hand, are specialized needles required before beginning any form of denim sewing operation. It’s made to cut through particularly thick fabrics, like denim, with a lower danger of skipped stitches and needle breakage.

Usually, there are several different sizes of denim needles in the pack. So, you should use the larger needle size if you’re using thicker denim for a jacket. For denim clothing, like jeans, you should generally use thinner denim (perhaps with a little stretch) and lower needle size. You may also need to use a stretch/ballpoint needle for the seams and hems of your denim if it has a lot of stretch.

Leather Needle

Using a leather needle is crucial when sewing with leather, faux/artificial leather, or thick non-woven synthetics. It has a point and edges that are sharp enough to cut the cloth when the needle is inserted.

This also means that the needle creates holes in the fabric for the thread, so move slowly and be cautious as you stitch because the tiny holes will still be visible if you need to take out a seam. To prevent skipped stitches from your metal foot from sticking to the cloth, you might also need to use a Teflon foot.

Embroidery Needle

You should switch to an embroidery needle if you are embroidering on fabric. These specialised machine needles have a particular scarf form that prevents friction and are made to operate with speciality embroidery threads, enabling friction-free embroidery and beautiful stitching.

Metallic Needle

You should use a metallic thread-compatible needle if you want to add some flair to your project and utilize metallic thread. To prevent the thread from tearing and breaking, it features a long eye, a fine shaft, and a sharp point. Additionally, the metallic type is compatible with monofilament.

Needle Size

sewing needles
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In terms of size, there are two important factors to take into account, the needle thickness and its purpose. The thickness affects the needle’s size. Thinner needles are used for ticker textiles and delicate fabrics such as silk and chiffon.

On the other hand, the needle’s intended use may include purposes such as sewing denim, topstitching, or stretch textiles. For instance, to penetrate leather, specific needles are required, whereas different-shaped tips are frequently needed for different textiles and purposes to optimally penetrate the cloth strands.

The majority of needle packaging will have two numbers divided. The lower number, which corresponds to the American size system, falls between 8 and 20, whereas the higher number, which corresponds to the European size system, falls between 60 and 120.

The fabric thickness that you can stitch with the needles is indicated by the numbers on the packaging of the machine needles. The thicker the fabric you can sew, the greater the numbers. Smaller numbers, on the other hand, are used to sew finer materials.

How to Insert a Sewing Machine Needle

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You should always change to a new needle when starting a new project. Because needles for sewing machines are not designed to be used repeatedly, doing so can result in skipped stitches and uneven stitching.

There are various ways to insert needles into a sewing machine. In some cases, needles must be entered with the eye facing forward whereas in other cases, the needle must be put with the eye facing sideways. When the eye (the hole) of your needle is facing forward, insert your thread from the front toward the back; if it is looking sideways, always insert from the left toward the right. However, check the manufacturer’s instructions as different sewing machines require different needle insertions.

Casual Sandals for Women: What Makes Them Wardrobe Staples?

Casual Sandals for Women: What Makes Them Wardrobe Staples?

Many are the shoes that a woman should have, but if we talk about the day-to-day essentials that can truly make a difference in comfort as well as style, then it’s got to be sandals. Mind you though, not just any type – casual is the adjective we’re looking for when trying to describe the absolute wardrobe staples.

Same as with flat lace-up shoes, it’s possible to stay stylish while wearing versatile casual sandals for women. Whether you like them flat and minimalist, like Birkenstocks, with a bit of heel and feminine detailing like Pikolinos, or the in-between flat and feminine Ecco, there’s the perfect design and style you can choose from for your daily ensembles.

If you don’t have your own collection of this type of footwear, perhaps looking into the following benefits could be the motivation you need to do some shopping, and at the same time invest in your health and looks.

Great for Your Feet

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Women are somewhat used to compromising foot health for the sake of their style, and it shouldn’t be this way. The proper type of shoes should be comfortable as much as it’s stylish, which is exactly what you get from casual sandals for women as they’re available in different sizes as well as materials were carefully chosen to ensure foot health.

Different widths are available too, including designs with wider bases for those women who have wider feet and find it difficult to get the perfect shoe match. As such, they’re created to offer the required balance and stability with every step, thus preventing wobbling and slipping which could lead to accidents and injuries like painful sprains.

Moreover, unlike high heels, the sandal is equally great for posture so you won’t have to unnaturally force your body to align for the heel. The comfort, stability, and good posture benefits make them fit for women of all ages, even older ones who may be struggling with some balance issues.

Depending on the material, they can even be good for all-day wear, without causing any pain, making them fit even for women with certain conditions such as diabetes who could wear them without any fear of injuries.

The Perfect Addition to Your Outfits

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Just because they’re women’s casual sandals doesn’t mean they lack in aesthetics. The fact they’re available in a vast array of designs and styles means that whether you prefer a fashion-forward choice with elegant detailing, something more basic without any ornaments, or a bit of both, you’re sure to find it. Also, there’s plenty to pick from in terms of type, like buckle-ups, lace-ups, chunky models, slip-ons, and even fisherman models if you like to keep up the pace with what’s popular.

What’s so amazing about sandals is they’re easy to introduce to a look, thus it’s safe to say they can be matched with anything – or almost anything. You may not have thought of Birkenstocks with dresses and skirts, but recently this was quite the trend. If you plan on using them for more of your outfits than merely the shorts or sweatpants combos, rest assured it’s possible and easy to do so. Search for some inspiration from celebrities like Katie Holmes and you’ll certainly find it!

Won’t Put a Big Dent in Your Wallet

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Most women like to have more pairs of shoes in their closets so they can find something to suit each of their outfits. Still, if we think about budget limits and cost, quality over quantity triumphs every time. One thing about casual sandals women love is that they come at convenient prices, even models that consist of an upper leather design. Translation: it’s possible to invest in something built to last that’s affordable at the same time.

On the plus side too, these are shoes that require minimal maintenance, and all you’d have to do is give them a little washup with water after every use to get rid of any dust, dirt, or debris that you might have picked along the way. In the case of leather, it may be suitable to look for some leather care products to ensure their durability the way the manufacturer recommends.

How to Choose the Right Sandals?

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While there’s no question you ought to choose what appeals to your eyes, you shouldn’t overlook the practical side of things either. Shoes that are created from high-quality materials can mean going about your day without any discomfort, unbearable sweating, odour, and slipping.

Features are another necessity you ought to check, preferably choosing sandals that are breathable and made from materials that allow your skin to breathe, like leather, have a lining for an abrasion-free environment fit for all-day wear, as well as footbed treated to prevent bacteria growth.

Additional features that sure come in handy are padded memory gel insoles for cushioning and support, durable outsoles for traction on a range of surfaces and shock absorption, a natural heel cup, arch support and padding for best foot comfort, and a raised-toe bar for air circulation to name a few.

How to Choose the Right Medical Scrubs for Men: The First Line of Defence Against Germs

How to Choose the Right Medical Scrubs for Men: The First Line of Defence Against Germs

Quality corporate uniforms can speak for a company while also helping employees to present a professional image. In medical environments, a uniform can represent much more. Healthcare workers have some of the most physically demanding occupations available.

Aside from being exposed to dangerous pathogens on a daily basis, they are required to stand on their feet during their shift, work long hours, lift patients who are heavier than them, and walk throughout the hospital for hours on end. For this reason, they need uniforms that are thick enough to prevent patients’ bodily fluids from making direct contact with their skin. Their uniforms should also provide maximum comfort without limiting movement, allowing them to execute their responsibilities more effectively.

How to Choose Bridal Shoes and Accessories You Can Wear Again

How to Choose Bridal Shoes and Accessories You Can Wear Again

Women have a lot of questions about wedding shoes during bridal appointments and alteration fittings, and some of you future brides just want to keep it simple and be able to wear your shoes again and again! There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, it’s a more cost-effective, practical, and wise way to select all of your wedding day accessories. So, if you’re stuck for ideas, here are some bridal shoe quandaries and solutions.