Stylish Jumpsuits for Women: Effortless Outfit for All Ages

Stylish Jumpsuits for Women: Effortless Outfit for All Ages

Fashion styles come and go but there are some evergreen pieces that never leave the spotlight. One of them is the timeless jumpsuit. Jumpsuits can be worn in various settings, from casual events to cocktails, and should be a staple piece in every woman’s wardrobe. Thanks to their versatile nature, you can wear them dressed up or down, with sneakers for on the go or transform them into a night-out outfit with heels and accessories.

How to Build the Ultimate Minimalist Wardrobe for Men

How to Build the Ultimate Minimalist Wardrobe for Men

Men like universality in their clothing, they like practical, versatile wardrobes they won’t spend too much time thinking about before they get on with their day. Those who work in an office, or have a specific profession that requires a uniform, have that one scratched out of the outfits they need to put together. But, every man needs a presentive look when they go for lunch, a date, dinner party, family gathering, sports events, school meeting for their kids, etc. So today we’re going to look into different looks, styles and ideas for the minimalist but also the modern man

Here Comes the Bride All Dressed in White: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Here Comes the Bride All Dressed in White: How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Being a bride is one of the most special moments in many women’s lives. You finally get to wear a lovely white dress and feel like the princess from your favourite childhood cartoon.

However, pairing your gorgeous bridal dress with the wrong pair of shoes will cause annoying pain in your feet and therefore, ruin your mood and your entire wedding day. So, if you’re a bride-to-be who’s looking for a stylish, yet comfortable pair of wedding shoes, don’t worry, we’ve got you. We put together some tips you may find helpful when choosing a lovely and comfortable bridal shoes design for your wedding ceremony.  

Replacement Lenses: Make Your Good Ol’ Sunnies as Good as New

Replacement Lenses: Make Your Good Ol’ Sunnies as Good as New

Yes, we get it, you and your designer shades were a match made in heaven. Although you’ve spent a lot of time, money and effort to find the perfect pair, it was totally worth it. They served you well through the years, guarding you against the harmful UV rays, showing you the world in vibrant colours and taking every outfit to the next level.

And then all of a sudden, just when it seemed that this idyllic relationship would last forever, you had your dreams crushed by an awful cracking sound that left your heart and your lenses shattered in pieces. Okay, okay, this may have been a little bit overdramatic, but you surely know that terrible feeling when you have to say goodbye to your favourite pair of sunnies.

But what if you can make your beloved shades as good as new? Can sunglasses lens be replaced? Of course! Don’t throw away your shades just yet, because replacing lenses in existing frames is easier than you think. Keep reading to learn everything there’s to know about relensing glasses and how to choose quality replacement sunglass lenses.

How to Choose Quality Replacement Lenses?


You didn’t ay hundreds of dollars for your designer sunnies just for fashion, right? Once you’ve seen the world through the lenses of premium eyewear brands, it’s hard to let go of that image. To ensure genuine experience after relensing, you need to invest quality sunglass lenses that can perform equally well if not even better.

The first thing to consider when buying replacement lenses is the base material. Usually, high-end sunglasses brands use glass or polycarbonate because of their high optical clarity and strength. Although you can stick to either of these materials, you should also consider sunglass lenses made from high-grade optical polyamide. This material combines the strength of polycarbonate with the optical clarity of glass. It’s super lightweight yet durable and highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Then, you should pay special attention to the UV protection film. Make sure your new lenses come with 100% protection against all UV rays. Look for a label that says 100% protection against UVA & UVB or 100% protection against UV 400.

If you’re an outdoorsy fellow who enjoys water or winter sports, you might want to consider buying polarized replacement lenses. Although the polarization film technology of premium eyewear brands such as Revo, Oakley and Ray-Ban is a well-kept secret, one can never go wrong with Japanese or Italian polarization technology.

Once you get your hands on quality replacement lenses, you’ll be faced with two options. You can either DIY the whole thing or have your sunglasses relensed by a professional. Replacing the lenses yourself isn’t rocket science; you’ll just need a basic sunglass repair kit. However, you’ll need to be very careful not to cause additional damage to the frames or nose pads. If it’s your first time doing it, make sure to follow a tutorial for the exact model.

If this seems like too much of a hassle or you aren’t the dexterous type, it’s best to leave it to the professionals and be done with it faster than you can say, Jack Robinson.

More Than One Reason to Get Replacement Lenses


Even the most expensive sunnies aren’t immune to wear and tear and occasional mishaps. You may have accidentally dropped them, sat on them, scratched them with your keys, left them in your car in the scorching sun, wore them on top of your head or cleaned them with harsh chemicals… All of these things can cause damage to the sunglass lens, sooner or later, one way or another. So, even if your lenses aren’t broken, you might need to get them replaced.

The first signs that you need new sunglass lenses are visible scratches and scuffs on the surface. Although some shades have an extra anti-scratch coating, this protection can’t last forever and it’ll break down over time.

Another sign that your shades need relensing is lens distortion. The easiest way to tell whether your lenses are distorted is to check the reflection on the lens. If the reflected objects jump around or bend at odd angles, those lenses have to go.

The third sign isn’t something you can easily check by yourself because it’s invisible to the naked eye. But if you’ve constantly worn your sunglasses for quite some time now, it might be a good idea to take them to your local retailer for an up-close professional check-up. In most cases, lenses need to be replaced after two years of wearing on the reg.

Although those invisible webs of scuffs may seem like nothing to worry about, they can lead to various eye problems which leads us to the next question.

Why Do You Need to Replace Damaged Lenses?


First things first, it’s better not to wear sunglasses at all than to wear a damaged pair. Damaged designer shades are no different than cheap sunglasses and they can cause various health problems.

Those scratches and scuffs mentioned earlier compromise the UV protection coating and leave your eyes exposed to the dangers of UV rays. When you wear tinted glasses, your pupils dilate which allows for more UV rays to reach the sensitive retina. Apart from causing you momentarily discomfort, this can increase your risk of cataracts, macular degeneration and ocular melanoma.

Lens distortion is another thing that can greatly affect your eye health. If you’re looking through distorted lenses, your eyes work twice as hard to compensate for the distortion straining your eye muscles along the way. This can lead to eye fatigue, itchy or watery eyes and headaches.

Although your main concern should always be your eye health, let’s face it, visible marks on lenses are just unsightly. Scratched, chipped or grazed lenses have no place on designer frames. Damaged lenses will ruin your aesthetic and make you look shabby, no matter how stylish your frames are. If serving looks is something you take pride in, then you should definitely consider relensing your sunglasses.

Closing Thoughts

Your sunglasses protect your eyes from the elements, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to return the favour. Educate yourself on how to take better care of your favourite Revos or Ray-Bans to ensure you won’t have to go through the whole relensing thing in the near future. Keep your sunnies in a sturdy case when you’re not wearing them and avoid leaving them in your car for long periods.

Women’s Fashion: Looking Chic in Flat Lace up Shoes

Women’s Fashion: Looking Chic in Flat Lace up Shoes

The famous comedian, actor and filmmaker Chris Rock once said: “Women need food, water, and compliments. And an occasional pair of shoes.”, and most women would agree. Every modern woman has a few pairs of heels, boots, western boots, sneakers and flats in her wardrobe. While heels get a lot of love for their figure lengthening benefits and the multitude of styles and colors that they come in, wearing flats can be just as stylish if you know how to pair them.

Flats are chic and timeless shoes that can keep your feet happy and pain-free. They come in many different types, from espadrilles and sandals to loafers and flat lace up shoes. Lace flats are one of the most popular types, as they are comfortable, trendy and easy to pair with almost everything you have in your closet. If you’re looking to buy a new pair that you can wear both for work and everyday casual wear, you need to consider the color, material and details to make sure you choose the right model for you.

Find the Right Colour

picture of a black and white flat lace up shoes


Lace up flats have evolved so much, and today there are many different options available. To always appear stylish and chic, it’s essential to choose a color that can match most of your outfits. Black is the most common choice as it goes well with almost every other colour. White lace flats, however, might look better on sun-kissed legs.

It’s also a good idea to embrace a splash of colour and freshen up your appearance. You can opt for soft pink to add visual interest to your all-white combinations or choose green or red for bold and colourful combos. Brown and dark blue are great to wear with denim outfits, while silver flats can be paired with dressier attire.

Consider the Material

picture of a woman sitting on the concrete beside a white wall, wearing black hat, beige top, black shorts and beige flat lace up shoes

source: Alexa Suter on Unsplash

Since you’re going to wear your flats a lot, make sure to choose a sturdy yet comfortable model that not only looks good but feels good too. If you’re looking for both stylish and durable flat lace up shoes, leather might be the perfect choice for you. Leather is one of the most breathable materials that let the air inside to cool and prevent your feet from smelling bad. High-quality leather lace flats are a good investment since they are made to last a long time.

Leather shoes are also known to provide a better fit and offer ultimate comfort and support to your feet. Leather naturally makes shoes and clothes look more luxurious because the material is sleek and shiny. You don’t have to spend hours to clean and maintain your leather shoes Just wiping them with a damp cloth can do the job just fine.

How Do You Style Lace Up Flats?

picture of a stylish woman sitting in a coffeshop beside a street

source: Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

Lace up shoes are very versatile, which makes them an attractive and practical solution for both casual and formal outfits. These shoes look great with skinny jeans and other skinny pants. You can add a shirt and a blazer, and you have a perfect work outfit. For casual walks at the park, you can replace the shirt with a tee. If you want to add layers, you can put on a knitted jumper of a denim jacket.

The good thing about leather lace flats is that they are elegant enough to pair them with skirts and dresses. Maxi dresses with flower designs might look perfect with a pair of white lace up flats. Just put on your favourite sunglasses, and you have the outfit of the day. For cocktails in the evening, a pair of silver flats might go ideally with your black mini dress. Feel free to add a leather biker jacket if you want to look chic and modern.

What Are the Best Flat Shoes?

From the plethora of designs and colours available on the market, choosing only one pair of lace up flats might seems impossible. Make sure to choose a model that is stylish, durable and easy to combine with most of your outfits.


picture of a stylish woman sitting beside a chair wearing dress and flat lace up shoes


This modern yet classic model features a black upper and white outsole. It can be an ideal choice for both work and casual outfits. Its asymmetrically designed toe-box complements the foot’s natural shape and movement, making them ultra-comfortable. The lace-up closure provides easy on-off wear and a secure, personalised fit. The not too firm and no too flimsy heel counter makes them easy to walk in or stand all day. The leather upper provides an abrasion-free environment for all-day wear and a perfect inner climate. The sole of these comfortable shoes is made from dual-density moulded PU, delivering flexibility, durability and traction on a variety of surfaces. If you’re looking for a stylish shoe that goes with everything, FRANKIE4 – ELLIE III might be your soulmate.

ECCO – 430003 – SOFT 7 WOMEN

picture of a brown ecco leather flat lace up shoes


This simple, clean, white design with a small brown detail at the back is one of the most stylish yet comfortable lace flat shoes. Don’t let their elegant look fools you- these shoes are as comfortable as they look cute. The model features a full-grain leather upper that provides breathability and comfort. The removable leather-covered inlay sole is designed to provide a cool, hygienic environment for superior comfort. Suitable for orthotics, they feature a direct-injected, one-component PU sole for flexibility, durability and traction on a variety of surfaces. And since white never goes out of style, you can wear these ECCO lace flats season after season.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Women’s Leather Wallet

Things to Consider When Choosing a Women’s Leather Wallet

Just like leather bags, women leather wallets are an important women’s fashion accessory that can never go out of style. They are designed to keep you organised, especially when it comes to storing all essentials like credit cards, contact cards and money. Although leather is the most durable, softest and stylish material for wallets, there are some other things that you also need to take into account when investing in such a piece in order to choose the right women’s leather wallet.

The Most Important Features

In order to choose a wallet that can be adapted to your daily needs, you need to consider the things you plan to insert in your wallet and their quantity. Whether you want to wear your wallet constantly in the bag or you also have a habit to carry it in your hand, you should choose a practical and compact model. Some of the most popular and quite useful features a leather womens wallet should have are numerous slots for credit ID cards, an identification card window, a larger bill section, rear zippered pocket for coins, a chequebook slot and an integrated cell phone pouch (optional).

wallet with credit cards

Consider the Many Types of Leather Women’s Wallets

Traditional/Clutch Wallets

The clutch-style wallets are one of the most popular women leather wallets. They are designed to be worn both in hands and inside a bag and their main features are numerous card slots, interior pockets and a zippered coin slot. They are available in a range of styles and sizes which can certainly make your choice easier when picking the right one for the right occasion. Being pocket-friendly, you can have as many of these pieces as you want, changing them depending on the occasion or event. Completely functional and appealing, the traditional clutch wallets are an exceptional choice for everyday use.

Bifold Women Wallets

The bifold leather wallets for women are also known as two-part wallets. Unlike the clutch model, this one folds in half and is quite smaller and thinner. The bifold model is designed for those of you who want a wallet that can be easily tucked in the rear pocket of your jeans or in a smaller handbag.

red leather bag

Low profile/ID Wallets for Women

Just like the bifold models, these ones are also designed for everyday use. They are quite convenient as they can be worn in the hand. Clean lines, tiny and slim-looking, a wallet of this kind can fit even in your tiniest purse. In case you want something fancier but still low profile and compact, you can check out the cute and small pouch wallets. They are ideal for keeping more than just your credit cards and ID while still being simple, small and handy.

Wristlet Wallets for Women

Similar to traditional wallets, wristlets can be considered as their updated version. The wallet size and interior are spacious enough to keep all of your necessities in one place. The thing that makes them different from traditional models is the wrist strap. This strap is quite handy, giving you the option to leave the purse at home while securely carrying the wallet with you.

Protect the Content in the Wallet

brown leather wallet

Since the main purpose of a wallet is to keep all of your valuable and personal information, documents and some precious items in one place, you need to choose one that is quality and secure enough. Besides choosing a leather wallet with good zippers, you should also think about adding something else to improve its security. Although there was a time when RFID technology wallets became quite popular, studies have shown that these wallets are in fact a waste of money. The only additional thing you can do to improve the protection level of your money is using a money clip.

Caring for Your Leather Wallet

How to Clean Leather Wallet?

Although having a clean leather wallet has lots to do with its appearance, the truth is that keeping it clean has a lot more to do with its durability and longevity. Fortunately, cleaning a leather wall is not rocket science, and by following some basic tips, you can have a squeaky-clean wallet in no time.

womens leather wallet case

How to Remove Stain from Leather Wallet?

Since leather can be very sensitive to water and some harsher cleaning solutions, you should be careful about what you’re using to remove stubborn stains from it. Depending on the stain, you can use different cleaning approaches and products.