Having a garden and taking care of one is a truly demanding job; all the plants with their different needs and care patterns, the design and look of the entire exterior space, and the care for occasional animals and birds asks for devotion in the form of a lot of time and effort. It’s like being in charge of a small kindergarten; plants and animals are all living beings in need of attention. The person who knows best how all that goes is a gardener. One who spends most of his free time among the plants, digging the ground, watering and fixing the small bird houses he/she installs on the nearby trees and walls.

As such, the gardener often reminds of a full time profession, with tools and procedure steps and everything. And while most people who own a house and a backyard would have the basic tools from the gardening kit, a true gardener would have a few gardening accessories extra that would serve him/her to achieve the “wow” effect in the garden.


The self-watering planters and watering cans

These planters are the revolutionary answer to your desire to skip the nagging everyday watering of plants. Of course you like being around them during the day, but watering them every single day is just boring. These planters mainly in neutral colours and very appealing design are the perfect addition to your garden, as they can be either small or large, able to fit one or more plants at the same time. On the other hand, if you only have a few plants that really do need their daily dose of water, get a watering can; you can find some really cool designs through the gardening accessories online and offline stores offer.

Fancy pots

A major gardening trend lately is the use of fancy, decorative pots. Why not reinforce the beautifying power of your plants with some eye-catchy pots in playful colours, lovely painted patterns and even some fun designs? Small details such as fancy pots would give identity and style direction to your garden.

Hanging lanterns/planters

Garden accessories

These are simply amazing and it would be a shame not to have them in your garden. If you like hosting guest gatherings in your garden, then the hanging lanterns along with some candles in them would be the perfect light providing elements to the ambiance. If you think of your garden as your own sanctuary, then the hanging planters would be the perfect place for planting some of those plants that grow long and hang from the pot.

These are just a few lovely garden accessories that are good for you to have if you want to beautify your precious green garden. Especially now that spring is coming, you’d have plenty of work on the ground, so make sure your kit also has a hand trowel, fork and a shovel, which are the basic gardening tools.