If you’re dealing with a small bathroom, you can’t beat the functionality of a wall hung sink or vanity. They take up less space visually and free up floor space as well. They also offer you an attractive way to store your bathroom essentials such as spare towels, beauty products, cleaning products, etc. They will keep these items out of your way but still easily accessible helping you to always have a clutter-free bathroom. If you are still not sure whether this is the right style for you, here are some reasons that might convince you.


Stylish and trendy

What makes these units a good choice is their sleek look and modern design. They feature clean lines, door handles or concealed drawer and glossy finishes in a range of different colours. Black is ideal for adding designer style to a bathroom while white is a popular choice for creating a modern and fresh look. Apart from being available in modern style, you can also find bathroom wall vanity units in a round, vessel, retro style, etc. Some models of vanities come with towel racks adding more efficiency to your space.

Space savers

The fact that they can be installed on a wall makes these vanity units a practical choice for all bathroom sizes, especially for small ones. They create a visual illusion of more free space, which is something that all owners of small bathrooms want to achieve. It’s easy to fill small bathrooms with everyday essentials and clutter, but with the help of bathroom wall vanity units, you can keep these spaces well organized and neat while creating that feeling of spaciousness.


Keeping your bathroom clean is a must. It can easily become a home for germs, bacteria, mildew and mould. A wall mounted unit makes cleaning very simple. You can wash your bathroom floor easier and quicker as you do not need to mop around different objects. The unit itself is also easy to clean from any angle and even from underneath.

Bottom line is, a wall mounted unit is an effective and simple way to upgrade your bathroom. Some units are sold as single pieces, while others come as a matching set with a mirrored cabinet, wall cabinet or cistern unit. Regardless of the style you choose, bathroom wall vanity units are a great addition to bathrooms of any size and style.