When you’re doing a bathroom renovation, there is no doubt that elements like screens and shower heads are some of the first things on your mind. Shower screens are utility items that will keep your bathroom dry and clean. On top of that, a shower screen looks elegant and can make the shower space look complete.

When you start looking for a bathroom shower screen you’ll come across various types, materials and shapes and you might get overwhelmed. Not everyone knows which type they need, and they usually go with the idea that the screen should meet their aesthetic and bathroom style.

different type of shower screens
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However, besides the aesthetics, you should look into numerous other factors such as the size of the bathroom, the quality of the type of glass used, as well as the price, shape, and where the shower is located in your bathroom.


Types of Shower Screens

Fully Framed

As the name says, these shower screens have a full-frame. This is a durable and tough frame that makes it ideal for family homes and bathrooms that have high traffic. It comes in pivot and sliding form and can meet any style and bathroom decor. You can choose a standard glass option, textured option or tinted style of standard clear glass. You can even purchase a customized screen to match the exact needs of your bathroom.


If you’re looking for a bathroom shower screen that looks sleek and is durable at the same time, then you should get a semi-framed shower screen. This screen will remove the bulkiness of the aluminium frame. It’s minimalistic and will create a light space. It’s excellent for smaller bathrooms, but also for minimalist bathrooms that ooze with elegance. You can find it in almost all colours and styles.

semi framed shower screen
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Semi-Frameless Pivot

The semi-frameless pivot shower screen comes with a door that swings in and out to open. The fact that it doesn’t have a full-frame, makes it look luxurious. These screens showers are made with top-quality materials and are very easy to clean which should be one of the top priorities when looking for a shower screen.

Semi-Frameless Sliding

If your bathroom is on the smaller side or has an awkward design, then a semi-frameless sliding screen is the best option. You will save space by choosing this model (go for a sliding screen instead of a pivot door). If your bathroom has tight corners then a sliding screen is the perfect choice to save some space. This type of screen can be made in various styles to suit the design of your bathroom.

Frameless Screens

frameless shower screen
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If you’re a fan of open and bright bathrooms, then go for a frameless shower screen. This type of screens has no aluminium framing, which offers a sophisticated and clean aesthetic. The fact that it has no frame, means that this style can be practically incorporated into any bathroom design and colour pallet.

Consider the Size of Your Bathroom

Another thing to consider when purchasing a shower screen is the size of your bathroom. Make sure to do precise measurements so you can consider the available space. Smaller bathrooms will do great with frameless shower screens with clear glass. This will give an illusion of a larger shower space, but also, the clear glass will allow light to pass through it, making the whole bathroom look bigger and brighter.

nicely decorated bathroom
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If the bathroom space isn’t a constraint, you can choose a semi-frameless or frameless shower screen with frosted or tinted glass. These types of glasses won’t affect the proportion even if the bathroom is larger. Don’t forget to consider the shape of the screen; this will mainly depend on the size of the bathroom. Shower screens with sliding or bifold doors are ideal for smaller spaces since they allow easy access in and out of the shower. If you have a larger bathroom, you can easily go with hinged or pivoted doors.

Go for Top-Quality Glass

One of the most important things to consider besides the type of the screen and the bathroom style is the quality of the glass. The last thing you need are accidents in the shower. This should be your top priority especially if there are children or older people in the household. Let’s not forget that constant change of the glass is not quite a budget-friendly option.

The shower screen glass should be made of durable and quality glass that will be resistant to damages but also seek materials that are easy to maintain. This means that the glass should be easily accessible at all places and easy to clean. Clear glass is much easier for cleaning than tinted glass; frameless screens are easier for maintenance than framed or semi-framed options since they don’t have any small areas or fixtures.