While we don’t always see it that way, a tap plays a central role in the kitchen. No matter whether you’re keeping the appliances and countertops clean, getting a glass of fresh water, washing up fruits, veggies, or meat for food prep, or even cleaning up after meals, there’s no doubt you’re going to be using the tap. Yes, even if you do get that practical dishwasher!

As such, it deserves serious consideration, especially when you’re thinking of injecting the kitchen décor with some functional changes. While the big picture elements, like the island, the chairs, the countertop material, and the appliances may be your first thought, adding modern and practical kitchen taps mixers can in fact make a world of difference, so don’t overlook the smaller details just yet.


How Do I Choose a Tap Mixer?

steel kitchen tap mixer
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Mixers make for the perfect kitchen transformation because they don’t take up too much space, and they’re a 2-in-1 design since they’re the vessel for both hot and cold water. Thanks to this, it’s easy to control and customise the water temperature for whatever it is you need it. Not surprisingly, this benefit has made them highly trendy out of a range of tapware options.

With so many models on the market, you ought to handle the experience much like carrying out the shopping for other fixtures, fittings, or appliances and furnishings – by considering aesthetics and practicality as they both have a say in your final decision. For that reason, you need to consider both the stylishness, material and finish of the desired tap mixer, as much as the design and features.

Consider the Material

brass kitchen tap mixer
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This is one of the main properties you ought to focus on because it’s to do with the durability of the kitchen taps as well as their lifespan. Taps made from stainless steel, chrome, bronze and nickel are all worthy contenders that are outstanding with their resilience and corrosion-resistant and stain-resistant properties.

The finish plays a crucial role too in aesthetics, durability, and maintenance, so be sure to also think this through during the shopping. Brass and brushed nickel are two exceptional choices that are incredibly stylish, modern, sophisticated, and won’t disappoint you with the surface and finish. Since there are varying gold, silver, matte and glossy finishes, however, it may be of help to match them with the rest of the kitchen hardware (e.g. cabinet knobs and pulls) for a more harmonious outcome.

Consider the Type

Along with the material, there are several options when it comes to kitchen tap types and the right choice for you depends on what you find to be most practical for your specific needs. In terms of control over the water temperature, you have the choice between both twinner and monoblock taps.

The first option means you get a mixer that comes with two handles, one for hot and one for cold water, which makes it somewhat similar to traditional taps as you need to operate both to get the ideal temperature setting. Affordable, and not that difficult to install, they’re a great solution if you want the best of both old and new that won’t break the bank.

The monoblock kitchen mixer design comes with a single handle, as you can guess by the name, and this feature makes it easy to control the flow and temperature of the water. This makes this option ideal if you also share the home with people with certain mobility issues as it can make their everyday life somewhat easier.

The other distinction you can choose the taps from is based on whether you want flexibility, so you have both the fixed (i.e. wall-mounted) and the flexible (i.e. pull-out) mixers. The former makes for a seamless installation and unobstructed sink area that helps you save up crucial space that you can otherwise use for meal prep and dishwashing.

The latter makes for a seamless usage that’s perfect for a double sink setup, as well as the freedom to use the sink for so much more than dishwashing and meal prepping; what this means is you can further repurpose the tap for giving your plants a nice refreshing shower every now and then, for example.

Consider the Style

Much like the choice of finish and colour, it’s important to match the style of the tapware with that of the rest of the metal hardware in the room. Anything can be included in the décor equation, from the cabinet drawer knobs to the appliances, and even the window and door hardware. This would help create a cohesive result that would significantly increase your kitchen’s beauty and value.

Consider the Water Pressure

woman pouring water from a kitchen tap
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Aesthetics and durability aside, the tap choice also depends on the appropriate water pressure your home’s system has. It’s no use to try to pair a low-pressure system with a high-pressure tap mixer. To count on the most functional setup, you ought to check the desired tap’s bar pressure and flow rate.

A low-pressure water system would be the right match for a tap of up to 0.499 bars, or up to 0.5 litres per 6 seconds. A medium-pressure option is great when used with a tap of up to 0.99 bars, or 1 litre in 6 seconds while a high-pressure variety is suitably used with a tap with a 1.99 bar, with a flow rate of less than 2 litres per 6 seconds. Anything higher than this, like a bar pressure above 2, and a flow rate of more than 2 litres, is quite a powerful combination.