Most of the times homeowners focus primarily on choosing the home furnishings and the lighting solutions for their new home, or when renovating their living space, and leave decorative items for the end. While functionality is important for your everyday routine, try not to underestimate the power of art and make sure to incorporate artwork into your home interior.

Art is an integral part of human existence and one of the most visceral things you can introduce into your home. Art prints have the power to elevate the ambience and change the look and feel of any room. They can transform your living space and there are many different ways you can decorate with art prints. You can create wild kingdoms and show style with animal wall prints or opt for designer art prints and add some character to your home style.


A Few Ways You Can Decorate with Art Prints

Designer art prints in living room


Not all of us can afford to collect original pieces of art, however, art prints are affordable, but still offer a good level of uniqueness. And that’s what makes them popular among interior designers and homeowners. You can find a variety of designer art prints, from dark to colourful, from abstract to nature that can complement any interior style or room. You can use them to reflect the room’s ambience and set the tone.

They can easily encourage dialogue and make people feel comfortable to share their thoughts, impressions, feelings or ideas. Art is a free form and allows asking questions, considering new ideas, experiences and new perspective and can give you a break from your busy lifestyle when you need it the most.

A designer art print can improve the quality of your life and turn your home into an inspiring space by giving character and warmth to your living environment. An art print is a reproduction of an original painting and thanks to the superior reproduction techniques available these days, you can find high-quality prints and art posters as well and adorn the walls in any room of your home.

Carefully chosen art print can bring the entire space together and make it feel complete. Canvas prints provide a versatile approach, while framed prints can easily tie into the décor of your home by matching the colour scheme and the frame. A simple black border frame keeps the focus on the artwork and a more stylised frame can bring out the character of the piece instantly.

Decorate One Step at a Time

There is no need to fill your walls as soon as you moved in into your new place or as soon as the painting of the walls in your current place has dried. Instead, take your time and take a good look at the walls and the surrounding area. With a little bit of patience, you can make it look like there is a collection built up over years.

Decorate in Unusual Ways

Art can have a surprisingly positive effect in some overlooked spaces in your home, like the staircase, for instance. Also, if you’re renting, you know that very often landlords refuse to let renters from putting up wall art as they’re afraid it can damage walls and plaster. But there is a way to hang a piece of art and it’s very simple and easy.

All you need to do is place your art print in a frame and on a bookshelf or mantlepiece. This is a perfect way to add some character to your living space and keep your tenancy deposit as well. Moreover, layering art on shelves or mantles allows you to move pieces easily and change the look of your room whenever you feel like it’s time for some refreshment.

Create a Focal Point

In most living rooms, the TV acts as the focal point in the room, but a piece of intriguing art can certainly take its role and look more interesting and engaging. You can use an art print to divert visitors’ attention away from the TV to the art by placing the print strategically in the centre of the room.

Well-designed rooms have a focal point, so you can do the same in your bedroom by placing an art print or more above the bed or in your dining room above a wall opposite the dining table. You can easily make them a focal point in the room, change the style of the room or make the entire space appear bigger as the art prints can easily draw attention away from the room’s corners or walls.

You want to enjoy your art prints every day, so it’s always a good idea to keep them at eye level. If set too high or low, they will not be able to become the focal point of the room. However, the only exception is if you have higher or lower ceilings, in which case you can adjust the position, so the art print won’t make the room feel cramped when the ceiling is low or seem invisible when the ceiling is high.

Declutter the Area Around the Art Print

To get the most of your art prints, make sure the surrounding area is not cluttered. When the view is chaotic, the human eyes can miss some details. So, try to keep the space around your art prints as tidy as possible to make sure they get full attention.