Everyone wants to be a good host when having guests over. Besides showing off your cooking skills, accommodating the guests properly is also paramount. And since not all of us are lucky to live in a mansion and have extra guest rooms, opting for an air bed is a great option. This adjustable and inflatable sleeping option is sure to provide your guests with a god night’s sleep. It is also good to know that inflatable beds are great for people suffering from some chronic or acute back pain. Plus, they are pretty handy because they can be easily moved from one place to another without any help.

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Types of Air Bed Mattress

Since there are lots of air beds available on the market, it is of vital importance for you to select a product that suits your requirements.

Twin Size Air Bed

Without a doubt, these beds are among the most affordable, mainly because of their size. When compared to the others, they are smaller: 90-99cm in width and 1.80 – 1.90cm in length. Offering utmost comfort, an air mattress of this kind can really save the day when an unexpected guest arrives or when your children want to sleep in your bedroom. Just make sure you get one that has coil beam construction as these mattresses can provide you with complete support. Depending on the manufacturer and model, twin beds can extend to ‘double’ with a solid chamber construction.

Queen Size Air Bed

When compared to twin and double, queen air beds are bigger. They are designed to accommodate two people, their dimensions being around152cm x 203cm. The height of this mattress can range between 20 – 30cm depending on the brand. These mattresses are considered luxurious mainly because of the space they offer, and the option to have a built-in pillow. This can certainly add to the comfort of the bed while sparing you the need to invest in new pillows as well.

King Size Air Beds

As the name implies, these mattresses are quite large – around 193cm in width and 203cm in length. They are great for accommodating two or more people while still providing the needed comfort. The height of these beds can also range between 20 -30cm.

Materials for Air Beds

PVC – One of the most common material for the production of these beds is PVC – polyvinyl chloride. The reason for this is that PVC mattresses are more affordable, can be produced faster and can be designed in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, it is considered that this material is waterproof and can be used outdoors and cleaned with a wet cloth. PVC does not absorb water, so you won’t have to worry about accidental spillages. PVC is considered to be a very durable material which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Rubber – This material is not used for the production of the entire mattress. Instead, it is used to design the mattress’s air bladder. When compared o PVC, rubber has almost the same characteristics as PVC except it’s more durable.

Urethane Plastic – UP is a synthetic material that is quite similar to PVC. Just like PVC, UP can be shaped in different mattress forms that can come in different sizes. Additionally, it’s quite durable, waterproof and easy to maintain. UP mattresses can also be used for indoor and outdoor use, the only difference between PVC and UP mattresses is that UPs are a lot softer.

Thermos Plastic Urethane – TPU is a durable and high-quality material used for the production of inflatable beds. Unlike PVC, rubber and UP which can have a little odour, these are odourless. These mattresses are lighter than any other versions and stronger. Plus, the material is considered hypoallergenic which makes it even more popular.

Textile Reinforcement – This material is usually used for the top of all air mattresses in order to ensure additional padding. Thanks to this material, the mattress will feel firmer, flatter and more comfortable.

Important Things to Know about Inflatable Beds

Do All Air Mattresses Deflate?

Regardless of the type of mattress you buy, the truth is that all of them can deflate overnight. This is mainly because of the temperature and pressure we put on the mattress while sleeping. Since nights are colder, this could cause the air inside the mattress to condense. Once the room temperature gets higher, the air will take up more space. Although you cannot stop this completely, you can control it partially by trying to keep the room warmer.

How to Pump Up an Air Mattress?

Inflating an air bed can be done in different ways depending on whether you are using a manual or automatic pump and whether you’ll need to pump woth your hand or foot.

How to Wash an Air Mattress?

Cleaning and maintaining an air mattress is easy. You just need to do it on a regular basis and follow the right steps which include getting rid of dirt and dust, bad odours, applying a cleaning solution and drying it.