Designing a home filled with warmth and harmony is not always an easy task having in mind that not everyone has the time to fully dedicate themselves to such a project. Besides, many people believe that furnishing and decorating are some of the things that can’t be done successfully without having special designer skills. Well, this is not entirely true. In fact, all you need to do is some proper research, unleash your creativity and do some smart planning to create your dream home in no time. Bear in mind that the furniture plays a major role in establishing the décor scheme of a space and certain furniture pieces can either make or break the whole design. The furniture pieces you choose should bring harmony and balance to your space and be able to pair well with the rest of the décor items in the room.

How you furnish your house will determine its style and functionality, therefore, picking the right pieces should be done with care. But ultimately designing your home is all about having fun and expressing your personal style, so let your imagination flow; you can never go wrong when following your instincts. Choosing the right furniture can actually be quite simple, the trick here is to look for pieces that are a combination of quality, function and design. To make the whole process a whole lot easier, in this article we have compiled some design ideas that can help you achieve the perfect balance of great style and function.


Pick statement pieces

Every room has that one piece of furniture that functions as the centrepiece of the whole interior design. There are many creative ways you can use statement pieces to give your home a stylish yet practical layout. For example, a black and white accent chair with floral patterns can be an elegant addition to your living room that can give the space the much needed stylish boost. When it comes to material, upholstered linen chairs are a popular trend these days; they are durable, easy to clean and very comfortable. Leather is a popular choice as well and it gives the chairs a polished and sophisticated look. However, leather models are on the pricier side and are more delicate and require more maintenance than fabric chairs.

Add a vintage twist to your interior

Who says that you can’t mix and match styles? This is a great way to create a space that will be both fashionable and with a dose of personality at the same time. Adding a black leather sofa is the perfect blend of comfort and modern luxury. Nevertheless, a unique way to enhance any modern design is to add vintage décor pieces that can add a fun twist and bring rustic flare and warmth to your interior. For example, you can go with wooden frames that have a natural finish, or you can create a floral feature wall that can instantly infuse the space with vintage charm.

Change the layout of your furniture

Sometimes all it takes to improve the look of your living room and make the space more functional is a simple change in the layout. This way you can completely transform the ambience in your room without much effort. By arranging your sofa, coffee table and chairs in a way that makes great use of your available space, you will create a well-organized and practical interior. If you still want to spice up the space with a new furniture piece, then a stylish end table for instance can be a nice addition. With their unique design and charming visual appeal, glass end tables can be a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your interior.