Making a house a home, whether it’s your own or rented, is a process that relies on so much more than mere selection of furniture. You may choose the most unique and ornate tables, chairs, stools, sofas, and whatnot, but without a few intricate pieces of artworks, it would still be on the verge of looking like just about anyone else’s home.

Art can help you colour your world and make it your own, as your selection of the specific artist, painting, colour, style express your taste and personality visually. This is especially the case if you choose vibrant and colourful pieces like the ones renowned Australian artist Anna Blatman has in her original collection of prints.

Although she’s worked on and established an individual style of her own over the years, Annaism as she jokingly calls it since it can’t be confined by the defined styles, she’s inspired by impressionists and 60’s painters. So, you can open up your abode to a unique mixture of elements of Cezanne, Van Gogh, Rothko, and Warhol when you pick some of her prints full of life. And the best of it all is it won’t cost you a fortune as it would choosing to buy paintings, which makes it understandable why prints have become many people’s favourite pieces of wall décor lately.


“May Your Life Be Full of Colour”

Close-up of Anna Blatman Painting

Putting it in the artist’s words, she hopes to bring a pop of colour to any home with her artworks she’s been creating every day since 1993. It’s impossible to surround yourself with her harmonious, energetic and high-spirited images and feel pessimistic and blue.

Spending time in her lovely garden bursting with Australian flora, florals and flower pots are among her most popular subjects for her designer prints. Still, this doesn’t mean the Australian fauna and countryside landscapes with green fields, picturesque lakes, ponds, and charming farmhouses are any far behind either. If you’re up for bringing in the natural charms, especially in a city dwelling, the Anna Blatman art collection is sure to bring your interior to life.

Anna Blatman Prints to Call Your Own

The range of Anna’s original arts has plenty of colours to offer for every room in your home. Now, before I move on to the themes, I’d like to point out you also have choices when it comes to the form of print you prefer, as both paper and canvas are available.

The paper prints are done on art paper like giclee with a satin lustre finish using the latest ink technologies to ensure the colours remain durable and true to the original. The canvas alternative, on the other hand, are done directly on fine art canvas, a blend of polyester and cotton, using certified latex ink.

The high gloss finish is the main characteristic that amazes with this type, and you’d be happy to know it’s also got UV inhibitors to prevent your lovely prints from fading away with time. Both the paper and canvas Anna Blatman prints are sold on their own, frameless and rolled up protected in tubes, as well as with solid timber frames both in white and black finish.

In terms of sizes, you’ve got the small 12” x 16”, medium 18” x 24”, large 24” x 32”, and extra-large 30” x 40” options. With such versatility, you can easily create your own collection of Anna, a gallery wall full of her small-sized prints for a nice pop of colour, or a statement with an extra-large print on a chosen accent wall.


Flowers bring feelings of happiness, and it’s no surprise they’re often the chosen gifts for all sorts of occasions and recipients. This also makes them the perfect options for your wall décor, especially when you take a look at Anna Blatman’s vibrant florals. They can turn a hallway intriguing, a morning coffee ritual corner more special, a living room put-together, a bathroom less utilitarian, and a bedroom more intimate.

Art prints from Anna Blatman in a living room mounted above the sofa


Nature has been the main decorative element in recent years because of the way it can add freshness even to the most lifeless and stale interior design like many modern and minimalist décors tend to be with the over-the-top clean lines. The nature-inspired Anna landscapes have the same effect, so even if you haven’t been blessed with green thumbs and wouldn’t like to risk it with actual plants and gardening, you can introduce one of her green-based prints.

Some of her artworks carry the names of the exact locations and estates that inspired them, which can be another element that could help you choose them. Perhaps a certain location brings out a lovely memory or motivates you to visit it in the near future.


If you want to celebrate the beauty of the Australian fauna, choose one of Anna’s animal prints. From wild and domestic birds, to a fox and deer, all named and impressing with the colour palette, having such prints in your abode can inspire you to think about your own connection to the environment, and what you can do to increase the care about it. After all, Mother Earth is animals’ planet too!


In case you’d like something other than still nature, flora or fauna, the artist’s vivid and somewhat mysterious geishas can feel right at home in your interior décor. While used on their own they can create an eye-catching effect, you can further enhance it if you colour coordinate some of the main hues with those of other furnishings. How does a print sound when paired with the same hues as those decorating the rug?

After the post-pandemic world we find ourselves in, we could all do with a bit of the colour magic of Anna’s art!