What makes owning a four wheel drive vehicle a dream come true for many? Well, on the one hand it’s having the opportunity to get away from the crowds and visit the well hidden places of our planet that not many get to see thanks to the improved access provided, unlike other vehicles, such as a car for instance. Australia has plenty of secrets just waiting to be discovered and a 4WD can get you there where few have gone. Then, there’s the reason that tops all reasons, the towing capacity of these mighty vehicles, ideal for carrying a caravan or trailer and heading out camping.

Just the thought of having the chance to visit rough terrains, inaccessible beaches and get to stay there for some time, have your own five star hotel, is enough to persuade one to embark on four wheel drive journeys. However, just as you rely on your vehicle to be in perfect shape to take to the road, there are accessories you can rely on to make the most of your road adventures. When you set out to buy 4WD accessories, you can’t overlook the importance of recovery tracks.

Travelling off road means you’re going to end up in a situation where your tyres would simply give up cooperating with you, be it because they’d be stuck in sand or mud. You can consider it a failure altogether if you even leave home without equipping with recovery gear, because once you go off the beaten path, not many would be able to come to the rescue, so it’s all in your own hands. Rated recovery point is as essential as the recovery tracks considering it makes it possible for your vehicle to be extracted both upfront and at the back, not allowing for damages.

Heading out to buy 4WD accessories, you’d see the choices are vast, and there are so many options you could pick to enhance your vehicle but this doesn’t mean you have to own every product there is for sale, particularly those for modification, rather it’s important to be more prudent about your accessorising – go with the essentials. It’s a no-brainer you have to do some planning beforehand, and get certain knowledge of the terrain you’d get to cross. This could be helpful with the choice of tyres and modifications, such as bull bars and snorkels. It wouldn’t only make you spend money more efficiently, but also ensure your safety.

Needless to say, a first aid kit is a must. Depending on the places you go, you may end up in a far off location kilometres away from civilisation, so you can’t risk not being prepared for emergencies. In case you’re in nature most of the time when on the road, it’s best you equip yourself with a field medical kit. Taking this into account, unrestrained freight also poses a threat to your safety considering it might easily fly forward and kill you as you drive, which means buying a cargo barrier makes for money well spent.

Since going off the road implies terrains that aren’t always friendly to your vehicle, as your prized possession, you want to protect it as much as you can from chips and dents which is where a trailer shield comes to play, preventing stones and other kind of debris from causing damages as they’re made of tough rip stop mesh. What do your consider to be your must-have off-road 4WD accessories?