Carrying special meaning and essential messages about life, the Holy Bible is more than just a book – it is a real treasure that deserves a special place in your book collection. The Bible is the foundation of Christianity and it contains so many powerful stories and historical facts that are essential for understanding not just the Christian religion but the true purpose of God’s divine plan for humanity as well. This divine book creates a strong bond between God and his followers and it not only tells a compelling story, but more importantly, it preaches about the huge importance of moral values. Love, faith, goodness, compassion, these are just some of the values that are highlighted in this amazing book. While the world around us is constantly changing, the importance and the relevance of the Scripture remains the same.


The Bible was not created as a single book – in fact it is a wonderful composition of multiple texts or manuscripts that were written more than 1500 years ago. Having in mind that it was created such a long time ago, the fact that it still has such a great influence on every aspect of human life is just another indicator that it is one of the most powerful books ever written. The original biblical texts were written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, and throughout the history they have been translated in many different languages. Nowadays there are various English versions of the Holy Bible that have some differences between them but they all capture the original meaning of the initial manuscripts. Out of all those versions the Contemporary English Version Bible is probably the one that is the easiest to understand by the modern reader. It provides a wonderful insight into the biblical story in a way that it is simple and easy to read. This version makes studying God’s word easier for people who are reading the Bible for the first time.

Studying the meaning of the Bible can help you better understand God’s word and his message. Both adults and children should have the opportunity to not only read God’s word but understand it as well. Many Bible versions, such as the King James version for instance, are a literal depiction of the original manuscripts which makes them quite difficult to understand. The Contemporary English Version Bible on the other hand, is a dynamic translation of the biblical texts which basically means that it tells the biblical story in a common everyday language that is simple and understandable. It provides an explanation of the traditional church words and phrases and it is an accurate representation of the original meaning of Scripture. This Bible version is written to be enjoyed by both adults and children and is a great book to start your spiritual journey with.