Father’s Day is the ideal time to show our love and appreciation for our strong and dependable dads. They help us learn, grow and overcome countless challenges, that were made easier just because we had them by our side. To honour this important figure in our lives, it’s only fitting to choose the best Father’s Day gift according to their preferences.


What are the Best Father’s Day Gifts?

Choosing a gift for your dad can be challenging. There are so many gift options out there and you naturally want to choose the one that’s going to appeal to your dad the most. Whether he’s more of a foodie, outdoorsy type or a homebody, here are five suggestions that will help you make your choice:

  1. Craft beer hamper
  2. Multi-purpose tool
  3. Sweatpants
  4. Red wine
  5. Coffee maker

Craft Beer Hamper

If you’re tired of getting the same boring gifts every year, this year you can switch it up and go for a creative gift hamper. If he is an avid beer drinker who appreciates a high-quality drink and an aesthetically pleasing gift design, you should choose one of the craft beer gifts for dad this year. Craft beers have exploded in popularity these past few years. Beer drinking has become not only a means of socializing with the boys, but an experience that intrigues the taste buds. People visit breweries in large numbers to taste premium craft beers, but you can save your dad the trouble and have one delivered right on his doorstep. These also come in several different versions according to his preferences – there’s the red ale, amber ale and pale ale. If he’s a good beer connoisseur, he will greatly appreciate your effort in getting him one of the most interesting beer gifts instead of beers that are available at supermarkets which he has already tried.

Craft beer hamper for father's day bear glass snacks
source: notonthehighstreet.com

However, these Fathers Day beer gifts contain more than just premium craft beers. They’re equipped with a variety of delicious snacks, nuts and premium milk chocolates that complement the beer’s taste. Contrary to some beliefs, chocolate makes a stunning addition to beer, especially with types such as pale ale. Chocolate is everyone’s go-to treat when deciding on an edible gift. It instantaneously lifts the mood and puts a smile on the recipient’s face. Chocolate can make anyone feel special, regardless of gender or age. However, simply gifting someone a plain chocolate box isn’t the right way to do it. These beer gifts for dad come in decorative keepsake boxes that he can cherish for long after consuming the gift. You also have the option to throw in a personalized gift card that will convey all of your wholesome words in style.

Handy Multitool

If your dad is more of an outdoorsy type, or someone that’s constantly fixing stuff up around the garden or indoors, I have another great suggestion for you. A Leatherman multitool contains a variety of tools that will easily solve any type of problem he encounters, whether it’s on his camping adventures or while working around the household. They include tools such as blades, wire cutters, screwdrivers, pliers, bottle openers and more. These incredibly useful pieces of equipment are commonly carried by military personnel on their dangerous missions. However, the wide variety of tools they provide make them a great gift for someone with a dynamic lifestyle.

Leatherman Style TSA compliant multi tool gift for Father's Day
source: thebarefootnomad.com

Pocket tools used to be ordinary instruments with only several units, usually a few different types of knives. However, today they’re much more versatile and they’re used for different purposes. If your dad has an enthusiasm for hiking or camping, they might need an assortment of tools to help them make necessary repairs while on the trail. A multitool allows them to carry these tools in a compact and lightweight device that can fit right in their pocket. There are also several other advantages that the multi-purpose tool has over a toolkit:

  • It’s convenient and easy to access;
  • It keeps you from losing any individual tools by keeping them all together;
  • It can also be worn on a belt or strapped on a backpack;
  • It’s cost-efficient as it eliminates the need of buying separate tools;

In the household, multi-purpose tools find a use for cutting wires, carving wood, getting stuff untangled or trimming plants around the garden. It’s a good tool for inaccessible places where an ordinary tool can’t reach. Get your dad a quality pocket tool this Father’s Day and he will be thrilled to have his activities take half the usual time to complete.

Comfortable Pair of Sweatpants

That being said, if your dad is more of a homebody that appreciates comfort, the go-to gift would be a pair of sweatpants. Although this doesn’t sound like a flashy gift, when gifted to someone who needs it, it can make all the difference. Some dads’ favourite activities include relaxing with a good book or watching a documentary. Whether they sit at their desk or on the living room couch, a pair of cotton sweatpants will make them feel much more comfortable. These are some of those essential clothing pieces that anyone should have, but few of us buy for ourselves. It’s a good thing when someone in the family is thoughtful enough to give them to us as practical gifts.

Light Grey Sitting-Pocket Sweatpants Gift Ideas
source: pinterest.com

Red Wine

We mentioned beer hampers for those dads that are beer enthusiasts, but not everyone has the same taste in drinks. Red wine is a popular alcoholic drink both among men and women. If your dad is more of a wine person than a beer person, a pack of high-quality red wines can be the ideal gift for this year’s Father’s Day. Not only are they delicious, but they come with a range of health benefits as well.

Personalised wooden box with letters-happy 1st fathers day- and red wine
source: gettingpersonal.co.uk

Coffee Maker

Coffee is the latest drug of the 21st century. It’s one of the most popular drinks that rarely anyone doesn’t indulge in. However, some of us consume it more than others. If your dad is the type of person to visit a coffee shop more than once a day, this can be a sign that you should get him a coffee maker for Father’s Day. This will not only allow him to make his favourite beverage conveniently in the comfort of his own home, but will also help him cut the cost of buying a cup of coffee multiple times a day.

Black Fancy Coffee Maker for Dad's Espresso
source: mrcoffee.com