Toilet Paper Use: Making An Age-Old Habit Green

Toilet Paper Use: Making An Age-Old Habit Green

Let’s have a chat about bathrooms, or better yet, toilet paper; you might have heard this one before, the condition of a bathroom says a lot about a home and the people living in it. Though it implies hygiene mostly, I figured it refers to expenditures and green habits too in terms of toilet paper use.

As surprising as it might sound, there are many countries in the world, about 70-75% to be specific, refraining from using toilet paper and opting for alternatives like the good ol’ bidet, yet Australia isn’t one of them.

The presence of toilet paper in the bathroom dates back to 14th century China, thanks to an emperor who started the convenience, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that it turned into the rolled paper we have today. As for the softness we appreciate so much, it only appeared in the 20th century, when splinter-free paper beat splinter paper.

If you want to make a great deal, instead of cutting out the use of toilet paper altogether, choose recycled options and buy wholesale toilet paper. Besides finding a wide range of 1, 2 and 3 ply, you can expect to get great value for your money with premium softness toilet tissues.

Since on average we use up about 57 sheets a day, which brings us to 8 to 9 sheets of paper per toilet use, we can’t all be Sheryl Crow and use one square, no matter how green of a habit it might be.

However, as difficult as it might seem, it doesn’t mean we can’t make the shift for the better, and it all starts by buying wholesale toilet paper instead of individual. Next up would be to count the use of sheets of paper per use so as to be mindful about it; set a limit and try to stick to it every time.

This way, if a roll lasts you for 5 days, you could at least strive to make it 6 or even a week. Another way of taking it a step further in going green is by choosing to buy toilet paper that’s free from chemicals such as those present in the fragrances and dyes.

And the age-old dilemma, whether there’s a right or wrong way to use the paper on the holder, is actually more meaningful than it appears, with the over the top sheets winning under the top of the roll in making toilet paper use green. Case closed!

Tomahawks vs Traditional Axes: What Makes Tomahawks the Ideal Outdoor Tool

Tomahawks vs Traditional Axes: What Makes Tomahawks the Ideal Outdoor Tool

You know what they say about not trying to fix something that isn’t broken? Well, the tomahawk axe is one of the items that fall into that category. From Native Americans using them as general-purpose tools and weapons to Vietnam veterans using them for warfare, the tomahawk axe has kept its design and purpose for over 300 years. Nowadays, commonly used by outdoor enthusiasts, the tomahawk axe still finds a wide range of applications when camping, hunting and doing everything in between. (more…)

Easy-Breezy Guide To Choosing a Boardroom Table for Your Office Space

Easy-Breezy Guide To Choosing a Boardroom Table for Your Office Space

There is no doubt that the focal point in every meeting room is the conference table so choosing the ideal one is rightfully a big deal. In addition to that, that’s the place where people gather to exchange ideas, engage and share insights, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many interior designers and business owners claim that the boardroom can play a great role in the success of your business. In the light of that fact, here are the three main aspects to consider when choosing the ideal table for your boardroom.


There is no doubt that one of the first things you need to consider is settling on a style out of the different types of boardroom tables as it needs to match the rest of the room and be your ally during lots of successful meetings that are to result in sealed deals.

Traditional conference tables are characterized by their medium to dark finishes and the classic accents like inset shell or panels and leaf motifs that date back to the Victorian era.

Contemporary boardroom tables, on the other hand, are well-known for the sleek clean lines and geometric shapes, but also for the curved lines and textured details. Usually, they are made out of wood and feature exposed legs that can be made out of wood or metal.

A transitional boardroom table is one that includes elements of both traditional and contemporary style with lines that tend to be simple yet sophisticated -this is achieved through the use of straight lines and tapered legs.

The modern ones are distinguished by the polished surface, contrasting lines and asymmetrical details, and the most commonly used materials used for their manufacturing are metal, glass or acrylic.


The second important thing to take into account is the table’s form as this is pretty important according to lots of architecture and design specialists. The way we perceive shapes can strongly affect our mood and productivity which can have a great impact on the business’ success. For example, it is considered that the shape of the circle promotes better concentration, which is why they are an excellent choice for boardrooms.

Square and rectangular shapes are also closely related to improved attention and rational thinking. According to specialists, these shapes can make employees feel more secure thus boosting productivity levels. Triangle forms, on the other hand, help establish a powerful and energetic atmosphere and they are great for tech companies as well as for sales and marketing departments.


Last but not least, you need to consider the free space in the room, as too small or too big table can leave a negative first impression on your employees and guests. What’s more, choosing a table of the wrong size won’t be practical at all which can have a bad impact on your employees’ productivity. You’ll also need to think about the chairs and the freedom of movement. There must be enough space for the chairs to be pushed away from the table and for people to walk around them without any problem.

Everything You Need to Know About Stevia Tablets

Everything You Need to Know About Stevia Tablets

People are constantly searching for healthier and less fattening alternatives to sugar that they could use not only in their morning cup of coffee, but also completely replace the role sugar plays in their kitchens. There are of course the options of using honey or brown sugar, but artificial sweeteners and more precisely Stevia tablets have started becoming the more popular choice recently, and for good reason.

Stevia tablets (more…)

Dust Off the Retro Skates: Rollerskating is Back

Dust Off the Retro Skates: Rollerskating is Back

In a world full of trends, I mostly like those that somehow despite all the time that goes by, they still manage to surprise us all and rise back again, beating the odds. Now that everyone is a little bit or more concerned about their looks, we’ve become more aware of the importance of staying healthy. This means, along with all the groundbreaking diet changes that ensue, it’s more of a common sight to see people making physical activities such as jogging, swimming, dancing as well as meditating part of their daily lives. And then there’s me, like a fly on the wall standing out from the crowd.

Except that I’m not an inactive observer but rather engage in a different kind of physical activity: good old rollerskating. Ever since I was a child, skating had a special place in my heart, and while I’d forgotten about it for some time as my grown-up life got in the way, I got back to my passion as soon as skating started having its great comeback. It’s incredible to think something that appeared and was greatly enjoyed in the 18th century is still very much enjoyed to this day. I’m glad to be having fun with the pastime activity my ancestors did. As my old skates have seen better days, I had to purchase new ones, yet even after seeing all the different models, retro roller skates still caught my eye the most.

It might seem like an easy purchase, but there are more things that come in to play other than style, since the wheel choice largely depends on the type of skating one prefers. While I first got my outdoor retro roller skates and started having a blast conquering pavements, boulevards and parks, it wasn’t long after that I wished to be back in the rollerskating rink to remember the good old days, so I had to make another purchase as well, that of wheels. Much to my surprise, it seemed rollerskating derbies were having a great comeback too and not only. Lately, a new trend of this old trend has emerged combined with fitness. If you’re up for some stretching out while having a spin, you can join up rollerskating fitness groups.

The reason we’re witnessing the revival of this sport is because it’s fit for everyone, people like you and me. It’s the kind of activity that brings all generations together, kids and adults alike, so it’s the perfect excuse to get some fresh air and spend some quality time bonding with loved ones while rolling down the streets and rinks. As I’m long past my childhood days, I’ve learnt how to be more careful and place more importance on safety gear as much as on the maintenance of my roller skates. And you, readers? Are you convinced enough, as I was, to be part of this never-fading pastime activity?