The Best Cases to Keep Your iPhone Stylish and Safe

The Best Cases to Keep Your iPhone Stylish and Safe

The design of the iPhone has always been a top-notch one. Its chamfered edges and curved metal frame combined on the glass body with sleek finishes have put the iPhone on a pedestal as a premium device. Same goes for the iPhone 8 – although it ditched the chamfered edges, full metal body, and headphone jack, it definitely kept the home button as the last ever iPhone to have it along with its larger variant – the iPhone 8 plus.

However, Apple wouldn’t be Apple if they didn’t make their phones so fragile – let’s be fair there’s always that friend with a cracked iPhone screen. With that being the case, a protective yet stylish phone cover is something you’ll definitely need for your new smart friend in order to show its fabulous design but still have it protected from impact. Here’s a list of the top 5 cases that you should consider buying to have a peace of mind when using your iPhone.

UAG Plyo Series

Most UAG iPhone 8 cases are a bit chunkier than your usual phone case because their features are focused more on the safety aspect. Nevertheless, they also have a minimalistic back that comes in three variants – grey tinted, red tinted and clear transparency. UAG iPhone 8 cases provide a solid protection with their reinforced corners, oversized button covers and the usual skid pads that provide great gripping points.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

This will be the best case to buy if you are a proud fanboy of Apple and want everyone to know that. This case has both a tinted and a crystal clear version with a polycarbonate back and a thermoplastic polyurethane frame which can also be clear or made from a selection of colours. This piece of plastic has good button covers and a bumper that provides military-grade drop protection for everyday clumsiness. It’s the type of cover you should get if you’re looking for aesthetics and ultimate protection in a single accessory.

Caudabe Veil XT

For all the minimalists out there who also want the feel of a premium phone in their hand but want to avoid chunky and big covers, the Veil XT is the best fit they can get. This thin case has cutouts for the camera, buttons and charging port. It comes in black, red and blue and although it doesn’t have a fully transparent background like the previous two, it is still very stylish and has a textured matte finish on top which provides a good grip.

Caseology Skyfall Series

Similar to the UAG iPhone 8 cases and their Plyo series, the Caseology Skyfall series has button covers and a transparent back to show off your brand new phone. This case series offers a different kind of protection that matches the colour of your phone. It has cutouts and raised lips around the camera lens and screen, mainly on the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plastic back, which is shelled together with a polycarbonate frame for extra protection.

Incipio Esquire Slim Series

If you want something that will feel comfortable without loosing too much on protection, this phone case series has you covered in that regard. Incipios esquire slim series has comfort at their forefront, with a specific chambray cotton fabric that they use on this line of products. They come in black or grey, while also including a tough polycarbonate in the core with added flexibility. There aren’t any cutouts for all the buttons and ports but rather more than big enough openings that allow for a better grip.

The Best Phone and Tablet Accessories to be Wrapped as a Christmas Gift

The Best Phone and Tablet Accessories to be Wrapped as a Christmas Gift

Christmas is coming and festive moments are upon us with all their glory and gift-giving-and-receiving joy. Choosing the perfect gift is never easy, especially when it is for someone special because you need to make sure that the gift you are going to choose will be dear and practical to them. You might have tried following the simple rule of thumb when choosing gifts: pick something they want or something they need. If you want to combine the two, however, you are in the right place since the following gift ideas won’t disappoint anyone, but rather make you their favourite person.

tablet phone accessories

As we live in a fast-pacing, ever-changing world influenced by smart gadgets and innovative technology, a perfect Christmas gift would be a tablet or phone accessory your significant other, relative or friend hasn’t realised they desperately need it yet. Innovations are around the corner every day and the market offers an abundance of interesting, practical and functional tablet phone accessories that make the daily activities fun and easy. Let’s take a look at some of the top favourites.

Fine Point Precision Stylus

tablet phone accessories

For excellent precision and easy handling of the currently oversized phone and tablet screens, which is not an easy job (let’s be honest!), a practical solution is a stylus. Not only will your friend be able to enjoy easier screen interactions like highlighting phrases, selecting more than one file and flying through menus, but they can increase their accuracy while tapping a message on the keyboard. Also, if your dear person is an art app lover, they will appreciate the experience of drawing with a stylus even more than scrawling with the finger. Finally, the screen will always be clean as there are no smudges left after using the stylus.

Sphero Darkside Ollie Robot

tablet phone accessories

What do you give someone who is a tech junkie? Something defiant, diabolical and dangerous. A state-of-the-art robot which can do app-powered tricks and wow everyone! The Sphero Darkside Ollie Robot is one of the tablet phone accessories that leaves no unimpressed soul behind. Via commands from the smartphone or tablet, it can perform a wicked fast racing and amazing tricks like spinning, flipping and various other gravity-defying tricks.

Perfect Bake Smart System

tablet phone accessories

For the chefs-to-be, the Perfect Bake App-controlled Smart Baking system is the perfect gift. The smart digital scale that connects the innovative app to the system makes the baking process foolproof and fun which results in delicious outcome every single time. By connecting the Smart Scale to the phone or tablet, your friend will be guided through every detail of the baking recipes. It will tell them exactly how much ingredients to add when they place a bowl on the scale. Cooking will be a piece of cake with this accessory, that’s for sure.

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Camping Fridge

Important Features to Consider When Buying a Camping Fridge

If you are sick and tired of constantly buying ice for your cooler or dealing with the pool of water at the bottom of it thanks to all the melted ice, consider buying a camping fridge. These pieces of camping equipment are wonderful accessories if you camp frequently or stay for longer periods. They are powered mobile cooling systems that run off your car’s 12-volt electrical system in order to keep food and drinks cold/frozen for as long as you need them to be. However, before investing in one, there are some important things to consider in order to make the right purchase. (more…)

From Fire to Advanced LED Torches: The Tools to Conquer the Night

From Fire to Advanced LED Torches: The Tools to Conquer the Night

Living in the age of constant upgrading, all thanks to the advancement in technology, we can’t overlook the importance of inventions that happened throughout the centuries either, and their impact on human evolution all the millennia ago. Take fire for instance: What fire was for humans about million years ago, it’s light for us today, and I don’t only refer to electricity, but torches too.

Learning how to control fire meant using it to the advantage of protecting oneself, even after dark, as well as for food, hunting. Such is the case with torches today, which can be the ideal tactical weapons as they can be the perfect sources of light in the dark, but so much more reliable and easier to control than fire.

Having in mind how handy the torches can be, it’s needless to say you have to have the right one you can count on whenever needed, and that would an Olight Led torch. Why I’ve singled out this brand out of the rest has to do with the ingenuity of the wide range of torches, fascinating with their durability, as much as with the craftsmanship, variety of sizes, weights, brightness, ergonomics, modes, and features.

As a brand, Olight is famous for the upgrade of the different models of torches, all with the use of latest technology, of course, and without even letting this considerably change the prices. What this means is an Olight Led torch isn’t just affordable and durable, but highly reliable as well. What makes a torch like this durable is the choice of quality materials, such as aluminium, and stainless steel, making it shock and water-resistant.

More on durability, it’s to do with battery life as well, with more options, in the likes of re-chargeability being available too. Depending on what it is you want to use the torch for, be it camping, night hiking, dog walking, or as a weapon, you can choose from different models, and even the smallest ones aren’t to be overlooked, because there are powerful ones among them too (as an example, the “Intimidator” – Olight SR52 UT).

Then, there are the headlights, the torches ideal for those who want to keep their hands free, particularly people like cyclists, those in the hobby of spelunking, or rockhounding, so no matter what your hobby is, you can be sure there’s the right torchlight as your perfect tool that can help you conquer the night.

Building Scale Models: Treat Yourself to a Vintage Hobby

Building Scale Models: Treat Yourself to a Vintage Hobby

You know how we find pleasure in saying we are more advanced when it comes to innovations nowadays thanks to the use of technology? Well, fact is many of the concepts that innovations of today are based on have their beginnings decades and decades ago. Such is the case with building scale models as one of the vintage hobbies mesmerising people to this day.

The appearance of the first scale models in the 1950s, both in England with Nicholas Kove, and the USA with Lewis Glasser, thanks to their injection moulding equipment, brought to the awakening of a hobby, that swept everyone off their feet worldwide, resulting in the creation of specialised magazines, clubs, competitions, committees, and of course, the specialised magical place, the model shop.

No matter whether you’re just an enthusiast letting this turn into a serious hobby taking over your life, or are already an expert, it’s the place where you can find whatever it is to spark your interest further, and help you excel in the skills. The dream model shop has a wide range of items, as well as parts, so it wouldn’t be a problem even if you require a replacement part – you just have to find the right one.

Why this hobby? Well, building scale models is the chance for adults to play. The fun part is, even though it seems like a simple sort of play, it’s much more complex, and might involve getting on the quest for adequate photographs, and drawings, as well as doing a great deal of reading on the matter to be able to carry on with modelling the right way. It’s this that makes it that much more exciting.

When you get involved in this hobby, there’s no going back. As you get more and more interested, you get to become more and more of an expert in crafts, and engineering, as you’d inspect every plastic bit of the model, then cut, drill, and sculpt to actually construct the model. Further, there are those vehicle models that give you the possibility to work on your artistic skills by painting them. In other words, there’s nothing boring about this hobby – there’s versatility!

When you get a bit of experience, and pride yourself on the result, you work on your collecting instinct at the same time, steering to a certain interest; for instance, focusing on cars, or aircrafts. Whether you decide to showcase your masterpieces, or leave them hidden in the drawers, piling up dust, is up to you. What’s undeniable is the level of fun in the building!