BMX Bike Bag – A Great Travel Ally That Goes a Long Way

BMX Bike Bag – A Great Travel Ally That Goes a Long Way

Travelling with a BMX bike can be a bit difficult, especially when travelling by plane. And it can be expensive too. When an airline knows that you have a bicycle in your luggage they will charge you up to $100 each way. But don’t start to pull your hair out yet! Fortunately, there are ways around it and you don’t have to let that stop you from flying with your BMX bike. With the right kind of BMX bike bag and with the proper packing technique, you will be able to pass through check-in with no problems, and may not have to pay any extra fees. Here are a few BMX bike bag options to consider.

Odyssey Travelers BMX Bag

Odyssey BMX Traveler Bag

This BMX bike bag ranks the first place on the list. Designed for the smallest possible fit, this bag is very airline friendly and you may not have to pay a high bike shipping fee. The only downside of this bag is that you will have to disassemble the whole bike (except the cranks) in order to get your bike to fit. If this isn’t a problem for you, the Odyssey Travelers BMX bag may be the perfect travel bag for you.

Odyssey Monogram BMX Travel Bag

odyssey monogram travel bag

A lot of thought has certainly gone into making this bag and you can see all of this in the details. The bag comes with a pouch inside to store pegs, tools, etc, as well as various straps to tie-down parts in order to prevent them from hitting each other during transport. It even comes with built-in heavy duty wheels to make it easy carrying the bag around.

Thule Round Trip Sport Bike Travel Case

thule roundtrip bike box

The most protective case you can own but also the most expensive on the list. It is also the most durable case for travelling with a bike. Depending on the size of your bike, it may even be possible to squeeze 2 BMX bikes in the case. It comes with a foam in the inside and dividers to separate the wheels from the frame and also features wheels for the user to be able to roll it around.

EVOC BMX Travel Bag

bmx travel bag

If you want to travel in style with a good distinguishing bag, then this bag is for you. Just assemble the wheels, pedals and bar, and you are good to go.

DK Golf BMX Travel Bag

dk golf bike bag

Airlines usually don’t charge passengers for golf clubs, so if you check this bag as golf clubs, you probably won’t be questioned about it. This will help you save a lot of bike flight costs. The DK Golf BMX Travel Bag features fully padded sides and has rolling wheels for easy transport.

Biking to Work – an Iconic Mode of Transportation with Modern-Day Benefits

Biking to Work – an Iconic Mode of Transportation with Modern-Day Benefits

It should not come as a surprise that riding a bike is a great source of healthy physical exercise. What may come as a surprise though, is that despite the vast improvements in the cycling infrastructure in most places in Australia, the majority of people still do not bike to work.

I find this strange since I’ve never heard anyone that rides a bike to work complain about being stuck in traffic, whereas most of my car-driving colleagues often come in late and visibly irritated. So, if you don’t live at a great distance from work, or have a job at a company that requires you to come all suited up, what exactly is stopping you? The benefits of riding a bike to work are innumerable! Here are just some of them.

Stay Fit, Be Healthier

It’s a no-brainer that any type of regular physical activity is good for your health. But when you have a chair-bound nine-to-five job, it can be challenging to find the time to exercise. Biking to work is a great place to start ramping up your cardio. A simple, city-friendly model like the Fit Bike Co could keep you fit and on the path to wellness by stimulating contractions in your core muscles and accelerating your breathing and heart rate.

Fit Bike Co

Lower blood pressure, increased levels of energy, muscle toning, and improved circulation are just some of the health benefits that come from riding a bike daily. Nevertheless, even just thirty minutes a week can be enough to significantly lower the risk of heart attack.

Save Money

You don’t have to be a genius in maths to calculate that cycling to work costs zero money, as opposed to fuelling your vehicle every day and the parking fees and tolls that come with it. While it takes thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain a vehicle, a good bike, like for instance a Fit Bike Co, will cost you only around 400-500 dollars. There could be additional upkeep costs, such as changing tyres and purchasing pumps, but there will be rarely costs that exceed a hundred dollars.

Save Time

Besides the money-saving aspect of bikes, there is also the time-saving benefit that’s sure to make happy anyone living big cities. As our urban environments expand, people living in Sydney can spend up to four days stuck in traffic per year. The good thing about bikes is they can easily skip past traffic jams. But even if you’re within a walking distance of work, a bike ride can get you there three times faster. Simply pit, there’s no denying that the bike is a great time-saving means of transportation.

Save the Environment

And last but not least, by using your car as rarely as possible and opting for an eco-friendly transportation tool like a bike, you are helping reduce pollution. An average car can release ½ kilograms of CO2 while an average bike releases only 0.7 grams and that’s only through the cyclist’s respiration. An added benefit is that the manufacturing process of bicycles involves only 5% of the materials and energy used to make a standard car. An all-round eco-friendly solution, indeed!

Car Accessories: Making Your Car Better One Add-on at a Time

Car Accessories: Making Your Car Better One Add-on at a Time

Most cars come with enough equipment by themselves and therefore upgrading or modifying them just isn’t all that necessary. There are however a few accessories that can give your car some needed improvements or just a few extra perks that you might find useful, and don’t cost much money or take up a lot of space.

One of the more popular types of exterior car accessories are the many available types of roof racks. The basic function of the roof racks is to give you a lot of extra space when it comes to transporting your luggage. This is very useful when going on a vacation since there never seems to be enough space for everything you want to bring along. However, its real utility shines when it is installed on cars that just don’t have enough luggage space in the back to begin with. Whether this is because the car itself is a smaller model, or if it’s a design oversight doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the roof racks can provide you with an easy solution to this problem.

A good interior car accessory to consider buying are the seat and steering-wheel covers. These two don’t really go as a set normally, but since they both have the same basic function, you might as well get them together. Actually, while the seat covers are designed to keep your seats clean (and are quite effective at it), the wheel cover also has another purpose – it provides a bit of extra padding for when you are steering. This is particularly useful for frequent drivers or workers with long commutes to work, who can use all of the little perks they can get.

Finally, something that’s more of a gadget than an accessory, but still most drivers could get a lot of use out of, would be the GPS. The merits of being able to know where you are at all times are so obvious that it’s hardly worth mentioning them. However, there is a reason why the GPS has become much more widely implemented in recent years, and that is because it is useful for both those that need to know a specific street name of a city they haven’t been to, and the ones that are simply not so good with directions. Personally speaking, as a person that has gotten lost in my own house, this device would be a life-saver for me.

As always, whether you decide to get all of these accessories, or think you’re fine with what you have now, is entirely up to you. However, I hope I’ve let you in on why these are considered some of the more popular add-ons on the market.

Essential Things You Need for a Safe and Enjoyable Hiking Adventure

Essential Things You Need for a Safe and Enjoyable Hiking Adventure

Conquering scenic trails while enjoying a fun adventure in the wild – this is what that makes hiking one of the best outdoor activities when it comes to exploring the beauty of the natural world. Australia is full of dazzling hiking locations where you can enjoy yourself while leaving behind the often hectic concrete jungle. Hiking not only allows you to learn more about nature and wildlife, but is also a great way to keep your body in shape and stay active. After all, burning calories is the second best thing about going on a challenging hike, the first one of course being the ability to awaken your adventurous spirit and enjoy a one of a kind outdoor experience.

While it does require physical strength and high energy levels, being fit and up to the challenge is not the only thing that you need to master the art of hiking. As for any outdoor activity, safety should be your priority on every hiking adventure. Therefore, before you hit the trail, make sure you have covered all the basis for having a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience.

First and foremost, you need to get yourself some high quality travel backpack where you can store all your hiking essentials. You can find a vast selection of travel backpack bags online in many different sizes and designs, from standard backpack models to more advanced ones that offer more storage options. When comparing the different types of travel backpack bags online make sure you choose a spacious one that provides plenty of storage. A backpack with several useful compartments would be ideal for this purpose. Opt for one made from durable materials that will not only withstand the harsh outdoor elements, but will also protect your hiking gear from getting damaged. Once you have chosen the right backpack bag that best meets your needs, the next step is to equip yourself with a few hiking essentials.

Even the most experienced hikers can get lost whilst exploring the great outdoors. That’s why a detailed map of the hiking location of your choice along with a precise compass should come first on your list of essential camping gear. Now that you have the necessary devices to show you the way to and from the campsite, it’s time to think about the ever so important protection from the harmful sun rays that is necessary when doing any kind of outdoor activity. To protect your skin properly, invest in a quality sunscreen, an SPF-rated lip balm and sunglasses. In addition to sun protection products, some other items you should pack for your hiking trip include flashlights, insulating clothes, healthy on-the-go snacks that include fruits and veggies, and a well stocked first aid kit.

What Details Make for Distinction Among Different Skateboard Ramps

What Details Make for Distinction Among Different Skateboard Ramps

As a skateboarder, there’s probably nothing cooler than having your own setup of ramps and rails in your driveway where you can skate whenever you want. But putting together a few setups requires you to have some knowledge of all the different ramps and knowing how to combine them. That’s easier said than done, as skate ramps require you to have some knowledge about them, so you can make a better-informed buying decision. (more…)