RM Williams: Timeless and Comfortable Outback Style

RM Williams: Timeless and Comfortable Outback Style

The Australian Outback is charming and inviting as it can be with its wild appeal, but you don’t have to go bush, setting out on an adventure in the remote areas, to explore it and be able to get a sense of that very appeal; all it takes is wearing the right clothing. What speaks better of laidback and comfortable style than RM Williams AU based outback brand? It’s taken over the world of fashion with its quality and stylish footwear and clothing over the years, offering pieces you’d love to wear on every occasion, from trips to the mall, corporate meetings, to travelling. Simply said they aren’t to be associated with leisure only but luxury too, and the fact Hugh Jackman is a fan says a lot.

The Boots

Do you really think you’d save up more buying cheap footwear than investing in quality and versatile pair of boots RM Williams AU stores and suppliers have to offer? Apart from purchasing the boots that would serve you for years to come, because after all they were designed for the harsh conditions of the outback, they’re also classics known for the craftsmanship and comfort so you wouldn’t have to worry you’d ever be out of style or suffering discomfort.

There’s a great variety in the designs and colours as much as the materials used, and you get to choose from a wide range of leather options like suede and kangaroo among the rest of 11 total, plus three types of soles, and the combination of top-notch leather and soles results in sturdy yet flexible boots. This goes for men’s as much as for women’s, and one of the Oscar-winning celebrities known for her eye for Craftsman boots is Nicole Kidman.

The Clothing

Boots aren’t the only products they’re famous for, there’s great attention to details of the clothing too and this refers to the choice of fabrics as well as the fabrication, and style. Western wear is always on trend, so you don’t need a reason to treat yourself to some timeless RM Williams knitwear, shirts, vests, jeans or skirts. Even if you aren’t into horse riding, you can rock equestrian wear!

The Accessories

Don’t think they’ve overlooked the accessories either, they’ve got plenty to offer for you to personalise your outfits. From the outstanding hats, caps, to the leather bags, wallets and belts, you have lots to choose from to add a stylish touch to your look.

Get Comfy – Corporate Apparel Trends for 2019

Get Comfy – Corporate Apparel Trends for 2019

Being “dressed for success” back in the day didn’t mean wearing a comfortable woven shirt, paired with khakis or denim pants. In some office environments, that kind of attire was only acceptable on “casual Fridays”. Today, however, there is a new wave of corporate apparel that gives office landscapes a relaxed but still professional look. Although style may be everything when it comes to corporate settings, today comfort is even more important.

In corporations that don’t have a work-from-home policy, dress codes have mellowed tremendously in the last decade, and that’s for some very good reasons. More and more people are gravitating towards a style that’s not that much uptight and it’s more relaxed. But what does actually a „relaxed” style entail? It is an employee wearing dress pants with a woven shirt and sweater vest, instead of the traditional dress pants, a woven shirt, tie and suit coat. But although the new trend may say ‘relaxed,’ I’d say it is definitely well put together.

corporate apparel

Furthermore, there is an important link between the comfort of employees while wearing corporate apparel and their level of productivity. Nowadays, more and more businesses are starting to buy into the idea that a relaxed work environment can lead to increased productivity among their staff, and that starts with their wardrobe. You can’t really do your best when you are not feeling your best, right? Many scientific studies have shown the positive impacts that the free movement of the body has on the mental capabilities of people. Luckily, wellness concepts have been adopted by corporations in such ways that are changing the way employees exist within the corporate environment.

The truth of the matter is, with every passing generation, corporate attire is becoming more and more relaxed and employees and managers are less uptight about rules and regulations when it comes to uniforms. A relaxed business appearance is perceived as being ‘cool,’ and businesses that are trying to attract the younger crowd to the workforce, or even places like restaurants trying to attract youngsters to visit them, have a more laid-back dress code that fits in today’s culture.

As for the colours and cuts, when shopping, watch for more stretchy fabrics. For this upcoming year, styles will trend towards a modified point of a spread collar, and shirts will be worn tucked or untucked – based on personal preferences. Among the most popular colours will be lavender, ultraviolet shades, and of course, neutrals, black and white. Vintage colors are also becoming more popular with casual woven styles, but the traditional wovens are still dominant, being there for people who want to play it safe, with mostly neutral color options being purchased more frequently. Also, slim-fitting woven models are slowly finding their way into the corporate industry, but they haven’t been widely sought after just yet.

Vintage Style Hats that Can Add a Cool Factor to Your Modern look

Vintage Style Hats that Can Add a Cool Factor to Your Modern look

There was a time in history when men wouldn’t even dare leaving the house before putting on a hat first. But things have largely changed, and instead of being an essential part of men’s daily looks, hats are now mostly worn for their practicality. However, that doesn’t mean they have lost their cool factor. Actually, the fact that hats are now rarely worn makes them the perfect stylish accessory to make your look stand out from the crowd. And if you want to make an even bigger fashion statement, vintage style hats are a perfect choice. (more…)

Important Tips for Choosing the Right Mother of the Groom Dress

Important Tips for Choosing the Right Mother of the Groom Dress

Weddings are joyous occasions for the whole family, not only for the bride and the groom. The mother of the groom plays a very special role in the ceremony as she’ll have to meet and talk to all of the guests, so it is important to look the part. Picking the right dress means more self-confidence, more comfort and an enjoyable experience for her altogether. (more…)

Orthopedic Mary Janes: The Shoes that Look and Feel Comfortable

Orthopedic Mary Janes: The Shoes that Look and Feel Comfortable

When you’re a teenager, you do everything to stand out from the crowd and get the attention you need, and it’s not exactly the time of your life where comfort means anything. That’s not the case when you reach your late twenties and early thirties!

If you want me to clarify with an example, I would say it has to be the period of wearing uncomfortable high heels day in and day out, that you simply can’t stop wearing because you feel your self-esteem is sky-high despite the excruciating pain, as opposed to the period of making the most of the ingenious orthopedic Mary Janes that feel as comfortable as they look.

I wasn’t always a fan of Mary Janes but I learned to love them because of how great they make me feel. Unlike my first thought, they are stylish and can be worn with all sorts of outfits, from casual, smart casual, to formal, as they are available in a variety of colours, with different features, with or without the classy heel. Buy leather and you can have them as a year-round staple.

What makes orthopedic Mary Janes irreplaceable is the fact they add to the health instead of leading to health problems like high heels do. Since they are designed conforming to the natural shape of the feet, so even the foot bed is properly contoured, they have a wide toe box which makes them ideal for everyone, even women with foot and knee pain.

mary jane orthopedic shoes

If you’re like me and experience issues with bunions due to extensive wearing of high heels, fret not, Mary Janes are wide enough to accommodate them without causing pain or lead to other foot deformities, such as corns, calluses, and hammertoes. What I realised over the years is it’s not style if it harms you so why not choose comfort?!

When spending a lot of time on foot or sitting, it’s normal for feet to get swollen. As Mary Janes are orthopedic they have removable insoles allowing you to change the size inside according to the feet swelling. On the plus side too you never have to worry about sweaty feet either, just change the insole and that’s it; bye bye athlete’s foot.

Compared to other shoes I’ve worn before, I see immediate difference with these because of the breathability they were created to provide and it shouldn’t come as a surprise I don’t have a problem with smelly feet anymore.