Wetter Is Better: An In-Depth Guide to Lube for Sex – Types & Usage

Wetter Is Better: An In-Depth Guide to Lube for Sex – Types & Usage

Most people associate lubricants with vaginal dryness only and if you are one of them it’s time to get a new perspective. In a study consisting of 2,453 women, 70% claimed that using a lubricant has made their sex experience more enjoyable and pleasurable. Yes, sex is a great way to connect with your partner but our bodies change with time and certain conditions can make sex more challenging. Regardless of your age, gender or stage in life, using a lubricant is a great way to enhance your play under the sheets. (more…)

Making the Switch: Why You Should Start Using Natural Hair Conditioners + FAQ

Making the Switch: Why You Should Start Using Natural Hair Conditioners + FAQ

Today, more and more people are dealing with scalp tenderness but what does a sensitive scalp mean? It is an issue linked with several medical conditions like sunburns, rashes, head lice, insect bites, psoriasis, dandruff and more. Tenderness is typically defined as inflammation, pain, numbness, tingling, itching, irritation, or throbbing. In order to deal with the sensitivity of their scalp, people are usually advised to use natural hair products as they contain no harmful chemicals. Synthetically made shampoos and conditioners include a range of harmful chemicals in their composition, which can only make your condition worse. On the other hand, using shampoo and hair conditioner with naturally derived ingredients will clean your scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. This is extremely important for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair. (more…)

In and Out of the Office: Keep Your Style Neat & Support Your Feet

In and Out of the Office: Keep Your Style Neat & Support Your Feet

While technology makes remote work more and more feasible, still, there are many things to be loved about working in an office. Being for eight hours with your colleagues can foster a feeling of togetherness – you are a team in this and probably there is always someone to go have lunch with. However, one thing that many office workers are complaining about is the lack of physical activity. Well, the truth is that such a sedimentary life can take a toll on your health. Going to the gym to exercise is a great way to address problems caused by sitting, but it might still not be quite enough to undo all those long hours. So what can one do?


How to Make Your Laptop More Ergonomically Correct

How to Make Your Laptop More Ergonomically Correct

Everyone who has spent long periods of time using a laptop knows that they can be incredibly uncomfortable. Using a laptop means hunching, holding your head down and bending your arms in an awkward angle – a position that can lead to neck, back and wrist pain. But it’s a price we’re willing to pay to have a lightweight, compact and portable computer that allows us to work anywhere we like.

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to make your laptop more ergonomically correct. If you like having a mobile work environment as opposed to a stationary PC, with the help of a few tweaks and accessories, you can reduce the discomfort and pain associated with bad posture.

portable laptop desk

Get a Laptop Stand

The laptop’s screen and keyboard are fused together, which forces the user to either assume a bad posture to be able to type and read from the screen at the same time. When the screen is at the right height to promote good neck and back posture, the keyboard is too high and requires you to maintain poor wrist and hand posture. But when you lower the laptop so that the keyboard is at the right height, the screen is too low and you need to hunch your head down to read.

Considering this, the best solution to solve this problem is to use a laptop stand. A height-adjustable laptop stand allows you to raise the screen at the correct ergonomic viewing height. This is when the top of the screen matches your eye level. You can then attach a separate USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and recreate the comfort of a desktop computer. You can even use the stand for working on a tablet PC.

The design of some laptop stands also promotes airflow around the computer, which helps to keep it cool and can thus extend its lifespan. And best of all, this type of accessory is often lightweight and foldable, which means you can use it as a portable laptop desk anywhere you go.

When choosing a portable laptop desk, make sure that it’s the correct size for your PC. Laptop stands are available in many sizes from 10” to 17”. Also, check whether it has non-slip feet so that it can stay stable when placed on any surface. Some stands for laptops can even come with additional features that can help improve your productivity, like for instance document holders.

laptop stand for desk

Sit Up Straight

Even though the name suggests doing this, the worst thing you can do is to rest your laptop on your lap when using it for long periods of time. By doing so, no part of your body is ergonomically aligned. The keyboard is bellow wrist level and the screen is way bellow eye level. Even if you don’t have a laptop stand, at least elevate the device on a higher horizontal surface such as a table to elevate it closer to an ergonomic position. Although it’s not ideal, it’s better than nothing.

Whenever you use your laptop for short periods of time while lounging on an armchair or on a sofa, the least you can do is avoid slouching. Although it’s natural for us to slump down in this situation, this position isn’t good for your back. Your spine needs to be properly aligned and supported in order to stay healthy. So, even when you’re using your laptop in your lap, make sure that you sit up straight with your torso and lower body form a 90o angle and your feet touching the ground.

stand for laptop

Adjust the Screen

Laptop screens are smaller than desktop monitors and as such can cause more eye strain. To prevent your eyes from getting tired easily, make sure that the screen is properly adjusted. Ensure that there is good contrast so that you can read more easily. More contrast makes edges more discernible which means your eyes don’t need to focus as much. If possible, keep the brightness in the room at a moderate level so that there isn’t too much contrast with the screen and the surrounding area. Overhead lighting or task lighting such as a desk lamp are the best sources of illumination.

In addition, make sure that you position the laptop at a spot where there’s no reflection or glare. Don’t let it face any windows, light sources or other screens in the room. Some laptops can come with anti-glare technology. If this is not the case with yours, you can purchase an anti-glare filter which goes on top of the screen to reduce mirror-like reflections so you can see better even in challenging conditions.

Since the light levels change throughout the day, there are also apps that you can download to adjust your screen’s brightness accordingly. This way, eye strain can be reduced, especially during night-time use, which helps prevent any sleep problems.

Reclaimed Home Furnishings: Tips on Embracing Environmentally-Friendly Designs

Reclaimed Home Furnishings: Tips on Embracing Environmentally-Friendly Designs

Decorating a home is no easy task – there are various factors to consider to make the best out of your space and budget. Plus, in the past couple of years, there seems to be one more important aspect to bear in mind when shopping for furniture – eco-friendliness. And even though people have been talking about sustainability in Scandinavian design for several years now, it seems that all that talk is starting to turn into action worldwide.

One way to reduce your negative impact on the environment when decorating your home is by using house furnishings made from reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is actually recycled wood that has been repurposed and used to make unique pieces of furniture. The best thing about home furnishings made from reclaimed wood (besides the fact that they are a greener alternative) is their rustic and unique look. If you are looking for advice and ideas on which pieces of wooden furniture to add to your living room to make it more homey, here are some suggestions.

A Coffee Table

Wooden home furnishings definitely look warmer than metal or glass ones. And when decorating a living room, we all strive to create a more cozy and homey look. A coffee table made from reclaimed wood will be sturdy and durable, while at the same time not as heavy as glass, marble or a metal table. Plus, you will be able to easily move the coffee table between different rooms in your home if you need to. If it looks too plain for your taste, you can always decorate it with an eye-catching and colourful table runner. What looks even better with wooden home furnishings are green plants. Just pick your favourite type of plant and whether you choose to place the pot on the coffee table or next to the sofa, I can guarantee that it will look great with the appeal of your reclaimed wood coffee table.

A Side Table

The coffee table is practical and conveniently placed in front of the sofa, but what about adding a side table which will be placed next to the armchair? It doesn’t even have to be made from the same wood as the coffee table. Not everything has to fully match, however, take into account all wooden house furnishings items that you have in the living room and make sure that they go well together and that there is some colour harmony. Reclaimed wood has sort of an unfinished rustic look, so a side table can be decorated with a simple candle. But you also don’t need to feel obligated to place a decoration on every piece of furniture you have. You can leave them as they are, with enough room for you to put down your favourite book after you have finished reading it while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

A Sideboard

You don’t have to buy a sideboard if you don’t have the room for it, however, it is the perfect addition if you have a spacious living room. And if you have set your heart on a specific model, know that you can also place it in your hallway or even in the bedroom. Repurposing your home furnishing items can save you a lot of money and time spent shopping. Sideboards offer extra storage room and are great for reducing the visual clutter in your home.

A Bookshelf

Even with Kindle and e-books, bookshelves still aren’t a thing of the past. If you still keep your favourite books you can proudly display them on a practical wooden bookshelf that I hope will never go out of style. Bookshelves are one of those pieces of home fixtures that were initially intended for one use but can easily be repurposed. Even if you no longer buy books and have fully switched to using Kindle, those shelves won’t stay empty. Just add a few framed photos, candles, vases or your favourite jewellery box and you will create a shelf full of fond memories. If you feel that bookshelves with drawers look too bulky for your small living room, you can always go for ones with open shelves. Placing an open shelved bookcase on a bright-coloured wall can make the room look bigger.

A TV Unit

All sofas and armchairs are usually placed facing the TV unit, so if you regularly watch TV this is one of the pieces of furniture that you will be looking at the most. And as such, it is preferable to be in colour and design you’ll enjoy looking at. What’s not to like in a unique piece made from wood in warm colours? You can add a lampshade, a vase, or a framed photo of your loved ones in order to make your TV unit even more enjoyable to look at.